The Road to Wellness

VitalogyDr. Farah Sultan’s belief in a holistic approach to wellness stems from a lifetime of observation.

By Joe O’Donnell    

Photo by Beau Gustafson


For Dr. Farah Sultan, the road to wellness began long ago in the culture and philosophy she absorbed growing up in northeastern India. From her parents and others in the sphere that influenced her, she learned both the value of healthy living and the importance of community service. “I believed in community service. I love to travel and see undeveloped areas and help out as I am able. I had wonderful friends and family who introduced me to this important concept,” Sultan says.

Sultan earned her medical degree from Christian Medical College in Vellore, India. After graduation, she trained in internal medicine at the Royal London Hospital, and she completed six months of residency training in general surgery at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. She completed her family medicine residency at Baylor University in Houston, Texas, and then received her board certification in family medicine.

Since that time, she has practiced primary care in a rural area near Sipsey, Alabama, and internal medicine at Brookwood Medical Group. She is especially interested in women’s health, diabetes care, and preventative medicine and is passionate about a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.

It is from this passion that Vitalogy Wellness was born. “This is really what my dream has been. I am really passionate about it. I wanted to create a center where the whole theme of looking good and feeling good from the inside and outside is taught and practiced,” Sultan says.

Vitalogy Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art, board-certified center for restorative and regenerative medicine. The innovative and full-service MediSpa supports an overall holistic approach to health, fitness, and wellness and specializes in bio-identical hormones, hormone replacement therapy for men and women, anti-aging medicine, nutrition, detoxification, weight management programs, and micronutrients.

Additionally, the center offers customized corporate and executive wellness programs. This unique physician-directed center allows patients the opportunity to restore and rejuvenate—the beautiful Homewood facility boasts a peaceful, private setting.

Along with her work in her internal medicine practice and at Vitalogy, Sultan serves as an officer of the Birmingham Rotary, where she is the incoming vice president of international service. She has been involved in several of the Birmingham Rotary’s noteworthy international projects, including work with the Gorgas Project combating malaria and yellow fever in Panama and the cancer prevention programs underway in concert with UAB in Sri Lanka. That nation’s first mammography center was set up under the program in the island nation’s capital in 2009. Additional efforts include cervical cancer screening and mobile mammography.

Sultan is married to Dr. Parvez Sultan, a heart surgeon at St. Vincent’s Hospital. The couple has three children: Samir, 12; Sophia, 9; and Arman, 4.

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