The World Has Changed. Have You?

Tammy HB- The World Has ChangedPackaging information in the digital age.

By Tammy Hawk–Bridges


Post-recession, doing business is a little tougher. It’s not rocket science that selling your product or service has been more of a challenge. Potential clients are scrutinizing every purchase and more than ever want the lowest price, even if it compromises value.

Just about everyone has been impacted in some way by the recession. It taught us that all good things do come to an end, and the luxury of complacency in our businesses is over.

However, there’s more to this story than lost jobs and collapsing home values.

The world around you changed. Did you notice it?

The Digital Age happened.

We now carry around in our pockets and handbags a device that connects us to the Internet on demand.

Need a recipe for dinner tonight? Done.

Need directions? Done.

Need to self-diagnose a mysterious rash? Done.

Information is flying at us constantly from all directions and it has created a culture of people that are A.D.D.

A few years ago, according to statistics, the average person had an attention span of 13 minutes. The word on the street is, the average attention span is now nine seconds.

I guess it’s a reasonable assumption that to be effective, you better have someone at hello.

What about you? Are you a part of this new statistic? Seriously consider it for a minute. How do you process information? If you’re someone that’s immune from our information overload and still reads everything carefully, good for you. You’re a rare breed indeed and a marketer’s dream.

However, if you’re the person that lightly scans all information, you’ve been exposed to the digital age and may be infected.

What about when someone emails you a pitch to consider their services? Do you take the time to read the offer and consider it? Or do you push it to the side to read some other time?

Don’t forget, you too, are selling something. Has it occurred to you that your messages may be pushed to the side as well? Have you considered that the people you’re sending out your messages to may not have an attention span that is any longer than yours?

Are your sales where you want them to be? If no, do you think it’s because of the new economy? Or do you think that perhaps your shrinking profit margin can partially be attributed to the fact that you haven’t yet adjusted your business to the way we currently communicate?

For example, 42 percent of the people in the U.S. who are 35-54 years of age surf the net with their handheld. That number is rising at a rapid pace. Are you communicating with this market?

How are you going to stand out in the noise and be heard? How will you have your prospective client at hello?

The recession happened and you learned to be more careful with your money.

The digital age happened; however, unlike the recession, there’s no end. It will only grow. You must learn to leverage it or you’ll struggle and perhaps fail.

Here are some places to start:

•Define and target a niche instead of marketing to everyone.

•Tighten up your marketing messages; focus them on your niche client’s needs. In today’s economy, it’s crucial to learn how to attract clients through your content.

•Evaluate your website. Does it speak to your target market? Is it to the point? (Remember, nine seconds.) Does it get the right traffic? Is it mobile friendly?

Learn the language of the digital age, and watch your business grow.

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