Then and Now with Mindy Lipsitz


Seven years ago this month B-Metro launched its first issue spotlighting Mindy Lipsitz as our cover girl. We recently caught up with her to see where she is now and what adventures she has been on. She did not disappoint.

Describe how you felt when you saw that you were the first cover story for B-Metro magazine?

What a surprising and humbling experience! I was living in Southside Birmingham at the time, and my running route passed by a billboard where B-Metro was advertising. I remember running by and thinking, “That girl looks familiar.” The whole process was so much fun. Being a part of the launch of B-Metro is an experience I will never forget!

IMG_2805At the end of the article you described where you saw yourself in the future. “For herself, Lipsitz doesn’t see herself working in a hospital setting after graduating but rather continuing her work abroad, as well as in rural areas in the U.S. Down the road, she hopes to run her own free clinic.” Did that come true?

Currently, I’m working on completing my 23rd grade! During medical school, I moved to Lima, Peru, for a year to do HIV prevention research through a UCLA/the NIH program. For the last year and a half I have been in New Hampshire working on completing my emergency medicine residency. I continue to travel abroad and advise students on international endeavors.IMG_1835(1)

I remain passionate about working with the underserved both nationally and internationally. I still have my sights on running a clinic or working in an emergency department that serves the underserved in the long term. Access to healthcare remains an issue I am very passionate about.

Update us on your life since the article.

Eight years—how the time flies! I am engaged and getting married this summer to my fiancé Daniel. I couldn’t ask for a better adventure partner.

LIMG_1773ooking back, what is one of your fondest memories?

In between medical school and my MPH, Daniel and I went on a bicycle trip for six months up the USA, loosely following the Continental Divide trail. I will never forget that trip, not only because of the amazing scenery, but also the genuine kindness that we experienced along the way—whether it was camping in people’s yards or having new friends leave their key for us under a mat. The genuine kindness of others never ceases to amaze me.

Where do you see yourself in seven years?

I chose a career in medicine because I wanted to help people and give my patients what they needed to feel well, return to their communities, and hopefully in turn, help each other. My goals are to utilize my medical and public health training in the future to first better my surrounding community and later create sustainable changes in regards to health promotion and access to healthcare for the undeserved.



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