Once, twice…three times a lady

dude looks like a lady

Someone once took offense to me calling them a “lady”. Not in the good table manners kind of way, but more so in the “you are a female, and I am a female, so… I’m going to call you ‘lady’” direction. Perhaps, in hindsight, it wasn’t the best choice of words, but either way it was a go-to pronoun. A quick “definition” of her.

After all – I, too, am a “lady”.

Defining yourself using words is a tricky one.

Currently, I can be best summarized as “27-year-old female. Divorced. Parent of two children, ages 4 & 6 (both male). Moderately o.k. business gal. Rents a home. Despises car maintenance, but understands its importance. Frequent stretcher. Loves foot warmers.”

Now condensing that blather is part of my job here, as the author. Here goes:

“Mid-20s white female with loads of debt, buckets of crumbs in… everything, and an iPhone’ing/emailing/texting, single and WORKING… Mom.”

I’ve never been the world’s most efficient editor, I’ll admit, but that IS under 140 characters and therefore, Twitter approved.

Greer Garson classic lady

Last night, at this very hour, I lay in child’s pose. Oh, the irony. I sat breathing deeply, thinking of not thinking (that’s how yoga works, no?), floating in the dimly lit room. Relaxed – that’s the word for it.


I walked in and spoke to few, smiled to several, and remained in my beautiful happy bubble. I even brought my own tea IN A REUSABLE CONTAINER. (And as much as this isn’t a post about Villager Yoga in Cahaba Heights, I’d love to plug in here that the

class was phenomenal. My center and I will be back soon.)

Kim Kardashian hip "lady"

But tonight? Tonight I am trying to fill my 6-year-old (cheese, grapes, pizza, pretzels, endless amounts of milk, yogurt and some additional cheese later…). I just received a hard high five from him too. Tell no one, but I fear he might become a man.

The youngest one too.

On that note, this working woman/mom/lady/20-something-chocolate-lover” is signing off to check her work email. Before story time – complete with “story cheese and story milk” and whatever else ladies do before they retire for the evening.

You can do it all lady

A tired lady

old world honest ladies

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