Time is Running Out

Get to those summer projects now.

by Amanda LeBlanc

I have so many people stop me on the street to tell me about the projects they are working on in their home or to ask my advice. I am thrilled to see people making an effort and always happy to help. At no time do more questions come my way than the summer.

I’m not sure if it’s the warm weather or the fact that the kids are home from school, but summer brings with it a large list of things you would like to complete before it comes to a close. What’s the most common project of the summer? The garage.

In all honesty, this is the area in my home that gives me the most trouble. I have had times where the garage has been the dumping ground for items that need to be donated, things that don’t have a home, etc. The next thing you know, there are piles everywhere, and you are afraid to open the door because your neighbors might look in and call to nominate you for an episode of Hoarders. Am I right?

Recently, I got fed up with this prospect and did a major overhaul of my garage. The first thing I had to do was figure out how to purge the area without overwhelming myself. The purge can really be the hardest part. I divided my garage into six areas. I allowed myself ample time to go through each area. It honestly took me a little time each day for about a week before the purging was done. Within each area I forced myself to make a decision on each item. Many times I see clients look at something and say, “I don’t know, let’s come back to this.” I didn’t want that to be the case so I didn’t allow myself to move on before the area was fully purged. In each area, I threw away items; I made a pile of things to drop off and donate; and then created categories for the items we were keeping.

Once all of the purging is done, you can determine your exact needs for storage. Make sure you have the appropriate shelving, cabinetry and other storage items to help create systems and a home for everything you are keeping.

Now that the dirty work is over, you can enjoy a clean garage and maybe even park your car inside. Don’t forget to follow the systems you have put in place to maintain an organized space. Until next month, keep it organized.

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