What I Did on My Summer Vacation


By Lee Ann “Sunny” Brown
Photo by Billy Brown


Saw my body in broad daylight for the first time since last August and will now spend the entire month hiding from myself.

•Very pale. But not pale enough. Updating my oversized sunglasses and wide-brimmed hat collection. Also on the hunt to buy and hoard all of the SPF 70 sunscreen in the greater Birmingham area and beyond if necessary. My goal: to end the summer a whiter shade of pale than begun it.

•Must step up my workout game. Too bad my Zumba class is on a partial summer hiatus. #nowwhat

•Decided to go to the pool and was overrun with children—all their splashing about almost got my hair wet. Felt a few drops of water on my face and checked for running mascara. Must have gotten too close to the edge of the pool. #immelting Will wait until I go to my mom’s to enjoy a pool.

#SunnySavesTheDay! Did a good deed. While at the lake canoing with my daughter, we happened upon a drowning cat. Quickly paddled back and dispatched husband to rescue it. Was going to take it to pound, but neighbors offered to save it from that fate. It was double rescued! Felt like a hero. #shouldnameitafterme

•Began learning to cook. Spent every morning watching Cooking Channel videos. #obsessed Feel it is just a matter of time until I am a master chef.

•Daughter moved home for summer, coinciding perfectly with discovering my love for gin and tonics. #therearenoaccidentsintheuniverse

•Swore off television and social media until election is over. #nopolitics


•Saved! Daughter got house-sitting job for entire month. She will be staying there.

•So hot and humid I can no longer do a thing with my hair. Under a hat it goes. No one will even see it until fall. Still, I must sell my plasma to get the color done.

•Still studying cooking. I have just about figured out the exact ratio my husband uses for my G & Ts. Need to do a little more testing. #tastetester #nocookrecipes #toodarnhot

•Decided to throw a Christmas in July Party with my daughter, my nieces, and my mother. Announced that we will be baking the Southern Living Magazine Christmas Gift Box Cake. Surely it will be so much less hectic than making it in December. #auntsunny

•Made a note to never call my nieces or make plans while drinking gin and tonics. #whatwasidrinkingimeanthinking

•Trying to get in my walking so I am not kicked off Fitbit, but it storms every day at the exact time I am planning on going.

•Stopped answering my mother’s phone calls and texts as she only taunts me with her step count. It must never rain at her house as she is always walking. #fitbitch

•Tried to go to the beach but had an unexpected death in the family. Had to postpone.

•Started recording every Cooking Channel cooking show. Watching them all has made me very hungry. Decided to go out to dinner. The wait times everywhere are so long. Can’t wait for school to start back so people will start cooking and eating at home again.

•Finally went to the beach. So hot! Thank God for indoor air conditioning.


•So hot and humid. Refuse to turn on anything that puts off heat: lights, oven, grill…husband.

•Olympics are starting! Can finally turn on the television again and watch something besides cooking shows.

•Daughter’s house-sitting job is over, moved back home.

•Feel that my G & Ts have gotten weaker. Need to tell hubby to make them stronger.

•Daughter finally turning 21! Can finally stop hearing how she is the youngest of all her friends, last in her class to do anything etc. #shouldhaveheldherbackinkindergarten. Too bad 21st birthday is on a Sunday.

•Now that she is 21, hoping daughter will give me her fake ID so I can be 29.

•After watching the Olympics, I feel inspired. Considering training for a sport for 2020. #mustdecideonasport

•Decided it was Katy Perry’s Olympic song “Rise” that inspired me. Have retired my Olympic dream. #nowiwanttobekatyperry

• Feel a late summer cold coming on due to the extreme temperature changes between outside and the great indoors everywhere I go.

•Fantasizing about fall and fall clothes, and then realized I have been wearing my fall wardrobe all summer. #toocoldindoors

•Can’t wait for Alabama football! #RTR

•Can’t wait for football weather! Realize forecast for first game is in the 90s.

•Decide that since it is still summer temps outside I still have plenty of time to enjoy my gin and tonics.


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