Will Sheppard

Photographed by Wes Frazer

Produced by Lindsay Garrett

Location: Sheppard’s Pet Supply

Special Thanks to Echo, Oakey, Wyatt, and Bob Dog


February is often a month when we are reminded to cherish the ones we love. There is no better representative of that notion than this man, our own Magic City cupid. Born and raised in Birmingham and having resided here for most of his life, he has been not simply an observer of our city’s evolution, but an active participant of positive development. He has ushered a scene of fellow Birmingham residents down the path of rediscovery and accompanied us through reuniting with the warm, soulful spirit of our city. His passion is to ensure we all take part in escalating the communal landscape of Birmingham. He urges others to participate by taking action himself, supporting every local business, venture, and function that he can hit with one of his Birming-arrows.

Through his own involvement, he challenges each of us to get out there and try one thing each week, whether it is eating at a new restaurant (or an old one that has been forgotten), going to see an unfamiliar live band for the first time, volunteering for an organization that needs help, or attending any local event.

In an effort to drive this mantra home, he began Thirsty Club, a social collection of professionals who meet every other Friday to visit a variety of pubs and bars and experience venues off the beaten path. After serving homeowners for almost a decade in the Birmingham area as a realtor, he decided to take a plunge in late 2015.  In a fitting development, he opened his own local business, a pet supply shop located in the middle of the Crestwood/Woodlawn/Avondale triad, which has been bombarded with the support of his peers, neighbors, and pets alike.

This man is the perfect example of the love, admiration, and hope we all have for our growing scene, and a model of the drive it takes to make social development happen. In addition, he is someone we count on for a hug and a glowing, infectious smile.

For his love of Birmingham and support of our ever-developing community, local business, and diverse scene, we believe that Will Sheppard is Birmingfamous.

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