Wind Charmers

The classic dorisWind Charmers boutique embraces charming styles of the past.

What are little girls made of? Sisters-in-law Sandi, Mary Beth, and Jamie Meeks ask themselves that very question all the time. They’re the creators behind Wind Charmer, an online boutique featuring girls’ clothing, and they’re also the moms of eight girls ages 1 to 11.

“We all have the same dedication about raising our girls—we want them to be strong, hardworking, loving, giving, kind, and passionate. We want our girls to have strong values, be adventurous, not be afraid to get dirty, and stand up for what they believe in,” says Sandi. “And what’s the best way to teach them all of this? To be examples ourselves!”

That spirit is what led them to take the leap and begin Wind Charmer.

With each woman bringing different talent to the company, they worked collectively to create clothing that they felt captured what makes up the essence of little girls: strength and elegance. Many of their dresses hark back to the past and offer both little girls and their mamas heirlooms that can be passed down in the future; their dresses are also named to honor women in their family. “We embrace the styles of the past as a tribute to our own childhoods and those of our entire family,” they explain. “We prefer to think back to simpler times of hopscotch, forts, tea parties, puddle jumping, and sleepovers. Youth will inevitably pass us by, but it’s the memories that remain forever.”

Photography by Liesa Cole

Producer: Stan Bedingfield

Stylist: Mary Beth Wetzel

Additional credits listed at end of page

The Classic Doris

The classic doris$48

 The Flora

The Flora(in Grape) $48


 Frances(in Emerald) $52

 EdnaFrancesPlum PennyDean

Fashion APR 16 b-metro2Edna (in Sky Blue) $56, Frances (in Lilac) $52, Plum Penny $58, Dean $52

 Edna’s Pink Picnic $56, Beach Penny $58

86ccb678-8c62-4104-93f9-357a7c2d83ab Edna’s Pink Picnic $56, Beach Penny $58


Fashion APR 16 b-metro4$54


Fashion APR 16 b-metro4 (1) (in Cerise) $54

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Additional credits

Creative Director: Robin Colter

Styling assistant: Alison Belcher

First assistant: Andi Rice

Second assistant: Carmen Perez

Hair and Make-up: the Aveda Institute

Hair: Johanna Auterson & Cha’nnel Norris

Make-Up: Etoria Perkins & McKenzie Seale

Models: Isabella Green, Juda Semegn McElroy (Real People), Willa Blu Turner, Ava Clayton, Hadley Williams, & Elizabeth Atchison

Animal wrangler: Steve Atchison

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