Yazmin Cavale

B YourselfName: Yazmin Cavale

Age: 35

Hometown: Attleboro, Massachusetts

Occupation: Wife to Jim and mother to James (1), Sofia (3) and Savanah (12), along with serving my amazing Beautified By Yaz clientele with freelance makeup artistry, spray tanning, brow waxing, hairstyling, and general beauty consulting.

What brought you to Birmingham? 

I always say, “Fate!” This city is where I found the love of my life, where I found my faith, and ultimately where I found myself. I ended up moving here from Boston because I wanted to be closer to my mother, who was here working a new job with the Birmingham YMCAs.

What enlightened you to offer so many services to the beauty industry? 

I started as a makeup artist 16 years ago. But I really always knew this was my calling, even as a child. Spray tanning is something additional I wanted to offer to my clients, because it was a safe alternative to tanning. My mother-in-law was a great wax hair removal technician and she taught me all I know, so eyebrow waxing seemed like it would be a great skill to have. Hairstyling is definitely a new skill I intend to continue developing. I am finding women these days don’t have time to hop from one appointment to the next, so they appreciate a one-stop shop.

I personally have seen what you can do to make a lady feel beautiful and confident on set, in front of a camera, and on her wedding day. With all the services you offer, what is the one service you wish to grow/evolve?  

My first love will always be makeup artistry. You can never stop learning about this craft because this industry is always evolving. Hair and skin is something I look forward to learning more about, with hopes to become more of an expert in both genres.

How has your beauty routine changed as a makeup artist? 

Because of trends, products are always changing and evolving, which is fun…I think change is good! I embrace straight talk with my clients, because I want the best for them. I wouldn’t tell a client they should still be wearing the same foundation or moisturizer they’ve been wearing since they were 19, at 40. Evolve your look but also change it to fit your lifestyle, your age, and current skin type.

What are some of your recent beauty must haves?  

I’m obsessed with Diorshow Mascara, Trish McEvoy Face Wash, BBY Spray tan, e.l.f HD concealer (yes e.l.f ), and my Aesthetic Contour Kit. Must haves should be things that you love and hate to go without. Name brands shouldn’t determine quality or your love for it.

What are your views on tanning?

Well, about six years ago I had a friend come up to me and say she just had a mole removed from her face because it was cancerous, and she asked if I could help her cover it up with make-up. She was 25 and always either tanning in the sun or booth. Easily putting myself in her shoes, I told myself I would research other alternatives that would be safe and look just as good as a UV Ray tan. I tried every sunless lotion, spray, mouse, booth, and towel out there. Some were OK, some were not so good. When I learned my husband had a friend based out of Las Vegas who invented a Spraytan machine with a solution that was organic, odorless, and non-streaking and looked fantastic, I had to try it. So I invested in this machine and solution; then I started spraying myself and it quickly spread to family and friends and then it lead to being approached by my clients. I am happy to offer a safe and healthy alternative for my clients, as opposed to them laying in the sun or going to tanning booths.

What’s your everyday makeup?

I think everyday makeup is different for everyone; time usually plays a big role in everyday makeup; that’s why I teach the five-minute makeup application. But personally I think once you have concealer to cover up any imperfections, a great lengthening/volumizing mascara, shiny nude or light pink gloss, and a great spray tan, you are golden!

What about photo makeup? 

Photo make-up is a bit more time-consuming and detailed. I feel like contouring and highlighting is key; whether it’s with creams or powders, it can help show off all the positives on your face. False lashes are always a must and shaping and filling brows can easily help frame your face for a picture-perfect look.

What’s your nighttime beauty routine? 

I always—yes always!—wash my face and apply moisturizer and eye cream. Washing your face is the most important skincare routine you can practice daily. Years ago in a skin care certification class, one of my instructors told me that not washing your face at night was the equivalent of smoking five cigarettes. I was shocked, and so I always wash and tell all my clients to wash their faces at night.

If you could meet one person, who would it be and what would you like to say/ask them? 

I’m not sure I would want to meet anyone famous. I feel blessed every day that I get to meet everyday, normal women whom I can talk to, that also inspire me in so many different ways. I listen to their needs and wants so that I can try to make them not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful.

You can never have too many… 

People in your life who inspire you.

How can readers find you?

I have a website, bbyaz.co, that includes all information on services offered and examples of some of my work, and you can schedule any type of appointment that’s available. I’m also on Facebook under Beautified By Yaz.

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