2014 Wedding Style Forecast

Christopher ConferoWhat’s hot, classic, and timeless in the wedding world.

by Christopher Confero   


Summer usually marks the beginning of a long string of wedding weekends for the Confero team. When a bride initially comes to me, there’s often a Pinterest board in tow. I love that they have a creative medium to channel all their ideas, but I often remind them of the importance of personal touches to avoid the risk of their weddings looking identical to others who pinned the same image. The day is about joining your life with your partner, and the wedding elements should just highlight that. Don’t follow what you think is trendy, because if it’s in now, it will be out later. You want to look back in 10 years and think of your wedding as classic and timeless. I’ve sorted through the superficial trends and narrowed down a list of 10 wedding tips I foresee as flexible enough to personalize for your big day this year and for years to come.


1. Flower walls: Floral arrangements are no longer secluded to the tabletop or bouquets. A flower wall creates the perfect backdrop for photo opportunities.


2. Off-shoulder gowns: Sometimes I forget that what I do is a job when my brides ask me to come along as they shop for wedding gowns. After witnessing what’s come down the bridal runway, the off-shoulder gowns are what keep catching my eye. They are not only romantic, but also a nice change of pace from the typical one-shoulder or strapless gowns.


3. Afternoon weddings: I’ve noticed a trend of an earlier start time on the wedding day. This becomes particularly useful when natural lighting is wanted or an older guest list is involved.


4. Mercury glass: This glassware finish makes a seamless transition throughout seasons. Whether it’s votives or vases, mercury glass containers add a soft glow to the setting.


5. Banquet seating: I have found this type of seating arrangement so much more intimate and social than the traditional round-table set up. And when mixed with other styles of seating, it allows for a variation in table décor that adds visual interest to the space.


6. Unplugged weddings: There are a few weddings this season where privacy is a top priority for the bride and groom. This is when it’s vital to keep guests off their phones and engaged in the festivities. We live in a social world, but put your phone down and enjoy the moment!


7. Nostalgic food: Instead of choosing from a list of meal options, clients are starting to get creative with their menus when talking to a caterer. In fact, they opt for nostalgic foods to share their experiences with their guests. If you have a family recipe you’d love to share with your guests, any great caterer should be able to add it to the menu.


8. Rustic glamour: I could go forever without using a Mason jar or burlap at a wedding. Some brides bring me photos with a “rustic” theme attached. After getting to know my bride, I realize that what she actually wants are homespun elements in a glamorous setting. Trade in the burlap for some crisp white linen to line the barn wood tables. Drinks from the bar are best served out of proper glassware. Unless it’s a backyard barbecue, leave the jars for grandma’s preserves.


9. Color theory: Thanks to Pantone announcing its color of the year is “radiant orchid,” my clients have been inspired by the regality of purple. Whether you use it as a main or accent color, the various shades of purple can spark the imagination to illicit any mood you desire.


10. Signature drinks: These easily personalized items aren’t so much a trend anymore; they are more of a staple at any wedding I design. The question of an open bar always surfaces when planning a wedding with my clients. Not only are signature drinks more memorable, but they also help keep you within budget and add personality to the evening.

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