How Will We Move Forward?

How will we move forward?

By Andre Natta

I’d originally intended to write a “year in preview” this month, seeking out predictions from some of the most active folks in our digital sphere and offering a few of my own. Then I realized that it makes more sense to make your future instead of trying to fulfill what others would like to see. It’s appears to be the case here in Birmingham as we step into 2013 filled with hope and optimism while we open the doors of the city to the world.

I fully assume you’ll be reading this while taking a break from preparing to watch the BCS Championship Game (or recovering from the highs and lows of watching the game). Taking that into consideration, I decided I should be trying to provide some new tools to help make tackling that New Year’s resolution a little easier.

Asana: I was introduced to this project management tool by the folks behind MongoHQ, a locally-based graduate of Y Combinator out in California, and it’s already become quite indispensable. There are other web-based platforms out there to assist in breaking down efforts into the simplest of tasks, but there are few as elegantly simple. The website allows you to set up projects and assign team members to specific tasks. There is also a way to assign tasks and add notes to various projects and tasks via email, and there is mobile support for both iOS and Android devices. Asana is free for teams of up to 30, with prices ranging from $100 to $800 a month and up depending on the size of your team. It could also be a great way to keep track of what everyone in your household is doing and where they may need to be.

Vizify: Online tools like About.Me already allow you to provide a glimpse into that world, though it is somewhat static. Taking a page out of new approaches to visual presentations like Prezi that create a limitless virtual expanse, Vizify can provide a creative way to display that data in a much more engaging way giving you a chance to let it do the talking for you to new acquaintances or prospective employers. Since July of last year it’s provided a way for folks to link their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Foursquare accounts together to create what’s basically an info-graphic of your digital life. Keep in mind it’s only a snapshot. For example if you’re a tweetaholic like myself you’ll only be able to go back to your last 3,200 tweets, but it should still be a fairly decent representation of who you are online.

Getting offline: The ability to reconnect so you’re able to share new things online is one of the best ways to be ready for all that the New Year has to offer. Maybe we’ll get a chance to run into each other more often as we realize all that’s going on around us.

That’s when we’ll get back to tagging ourselves in our photos on Facebook and Instagram.

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