A Conversation with Hoover Mayor

A Conversation with Hoover Mayor

Gary Ivey

Hoover Mayor Gary Ivey is not shy when he discusses how he feels about the city, Alabama’s sixth largest, that he leads. With the revitalization of Riverchase Galleria, as well as Lorna Road, Hoover is on a roll.

“Welcome to one of the best cities in the United States. That might seem a bold statement, but I am justifiably proud of the fantastic residents who make this city such an extraordinary place to live. From our top-flight school system to our world-class library and recreational resources to our businesses and neighborhoods, all of these attributes come together to make Hoover a community of which we can all be proud,” Ivey writes.

“One of the greatest things about our city is our ability to be an excellent host.When I think about the major events we host in Hoover, I am always so thrilled by the chance to spread the word about the people, places and things that make our city such a great place to live and work.

“The NCAA Soccer College Cup Tournament, which we have hosted for the second year in a row, brings thousands of fans to Hoover, as does the SEC Baseball Tournament and the USATF Jr. Olympics Cross Country National Championship. When you add our wonderful cultural events such as the Preserve Jazz Festival, Bluff Park Art Show, and the Moss Rock Festival to name just a few, you can see how many wonderful impressions we make as a city, as a place to call home. Aldridge Gardens is a wonderful example of a city treasure that celebrates the glory of nature in a 30-acre garden that showcases native plants, including signature hydrangeas, as well as the wonderful sculpture of Frank Fleming in a new sculpture garden at the facility.

“I think the major drawing card to a city is that people want to feel safe, they want to have a good school system and they want to have good roads. They want the amenities of great parks (we have some of the prettiest in the state, if not the world).

“I love trying to make a difference. This city has been extremely good to me and it is important to give back.” Along with his mayoral duties, Ivey is president of Crest Cadillac on Highway 31 in Hoover.

“We try to run the city like a business. The people of Hoover are our customers and they need to be treated as such.

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