Pair This: Avo and Dram’s Ahi + Foie Gras & Frankfurt Fizz

By Jan WalshPhotography by Beau Gustafson

The menu at Avo and Dram offers a lot of comfort. Patrons including myself get in the habit of ordering our favorites—for good reason. But executive chef, Ben Kirk and bartender Kyle Campbell are stirring things up a bit with some exciting new dishes and cocktails. But don’t worry. Your old favorites are still on the menu along with these fabulous new finds.

Ahi + Foie Gras is just that, an unexpected combo of ahi tuna wrapped in foie gras, seared and served on a bed of slaw. Three lovely medallions’ of foie gras are toasty and brown on the outside, and the tuna is red and rare on the inside. The dish combines earth and sea in its flavors and its style. And the Asian and French influenced slaw of bok choy, apples, red peppers, and carrots, in a tasty Dijon vinaigrette, adds as crisp texture and tartness. We pair this dish from the Mids menu with a new cocktail—Frankfurt Fizz. A mix of Jacob’s Ghost by Jim Beam, house sours, orange juice and pomegranate grenadine, this drink is served in a low ball, on the rocks—topped off with champagne. Frankfurt Fizz is peach in and refreshing in style. The whiskey comes through in a mellow, Southern comforting way, synthesizing with flavors of pomegranate and a happy fizz from the bubbly. Frankfurt Fizz is a newfound favorite. Yes, we’ll have another.

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