Pair This: Avo’s Beef Tenderloin & Bourbon Barrel Ale

Savor-avo-july-15By Jan Walsh

Photography by Beau Gustafson

Dinner at Avo is always special. I love the dayboat fish and the light, California fare. But tonight, I realize that I have never had a steak here and opt for meat and potatoes, pairing the prime beef tenderloin with Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale.

There is beauty in the small but significant details that you sometimes don’t notice—these are the details that take a dish from great to the best. At Avo, executive chef Ben Kirk does an exceptional job executing on these details daily. One example is the house-made sauces, such as the marvelous Malbec reduction that complements tonight’s filet.

The filet—about two inches thick—arrives piping hot with scrumptious roasted fingerling potatoes and haricots verts. I have never tasted a more tender, melt-in-my-mouth piece of beef. The dark, rich sauce does not overwhelm the beef but enhances its flavors. The fork-tender potatoes add just enough starch and the verts add a crisp bite of green. The Kentucky Ale is a smooth yet robust refresher, boasting a touch of vanilla and hint of oak.

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