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nourishb-yourselfHealthy and Fully-Prepared Meals Delivered

Names: Tiffany Vickers Davis and Mary Drennen

Photo and interview by: Angela Karen
What is Nourish? Nourish creates and delivers delicious, fully-prepared & healthy meals across the country.

Tell us how Nourish started… In 2012 Mary started working with a local fitness company to produce a private label meal option for the athletes in the gym. The partnership with them really opened our eyes to the greater in need in the marketplace for healthy, convenient meals delivered direct-to-customer (not just in the fitness community). In 2014, Tiffany left her full-time position at Cooking Light to launch Nourish with Mary. Nourish addresses a huge need in the marketplace. Everyone wants to eat well, but few have time anymore to plan, shop or cook. Our meals make it simple for people to provide high-quality, delicious meals for themselves and their families. Two minutes from fridge to table!

What are your culinary backgrounds?

Mary went to French Culinary Institute in New York, worked in high-end restaurant kitchens, before joining Cooking Light Magazine in the test kitchens. Tiffany went to French Culinary, as well, and Johnson and Wales in Charleston before she worked under some great Southern chefs. She spent 14 years in the test kitchen at Cooking Light, which is where they both honed their skills in developing healthy recipes that people around the country would LOVE.
A typical day at work would be… Different every day for each of us! Tiffany manages the overall operations, which includes the production process and logistics as well. The kitchen team is always buzzing early, creating our products from start to finish (everything from homemade stocks to homemade mayonnaise). Quality of our meals and ingredients is our #1 priority, so we put a lot of effort into the development and creation of sound recipes from scratch. Mary focuses on the business development and marketing side of our business. For our company to continue to grow, we put a strong emphasis on customer service. Communication between our staff and current clients (and potential future clients) is an all-day team effort! What we love about this business is every day brings new challenges for our team to solve and a great learning experience. 


What are your favorite meals to prepare? After five years of preparing meals and delivering around the country, we have learned what works well for our clients. We have close to 100 meals that we rotate on our menu, with variations for seasonal produce, etc. But we are constantly developing new recipes and trying new meals that will appeal to our customers.

What type of meals do you offer? All of our entrees fit into the lunch or dinner category. We offer individual portions, couples portions and family portions. Each client has a part of their day that they struggle to eat well, and we want to have an option that addresses each client’s needs specifically.

What sets you apart from these online companies such as Hello Fresh or Blue Apron? The greatest difference between us and them is our meals are fully-prepared. You only need to pull the meal from your fridge and heat in the microwave or oven. There is zero preparation and zero clean-up. We consider our products a level of convenience beyond the meal kits. 

How was the name of your company discovered? I wish we had a sexier answer to this but simply… Mary said and it and we went with it. We aren’t ones to labor over things too long. 

Nourish offers fully-cooked healthy meals delivered to you door, which is a godsend for some families where both parents work full-time or single professionals who still want to eat healthy, but don’t have time. What weekly meals do you offer? We have many different options for individuals, couples and families. But our plans start at 5 meals a week for an individual, 3 meals a week for a couple, or 2 meals a week for our families, and go up from there. 

In comparison to these online companies I notice that your service is more affordable and you take the guess work out of planning meals for the week and save the time of going to the grocery store, cooking and the clean up. Do you offer special meals that cater to certain diets as well? We started our company back in 2012 for Paleo diet specific meals, but now most of our customers are not Paleo. They simply want to eat well & clean and feel confident in what they’re putting in their bodies. “Healthy” varies on each individual client, so we create a weekly menu that will have appealing options for everyone. However, most of our meals are Gluten-free & Dairy-free. 

How do customers get their food? Within the Birmingham area (Hoover, Homewood, Vestavia, Mountain Brook and Downtown), our meals are couriered each Sunday 12pm-5pm. Outside of that area our meals are shipped via FedEx.

Other than Birmingham, where can Nourish meals deliver? We currently ship 4 days a week around the country, but our focus is on the Southeast.

What else would you want readers to know about Nourish? Last year we became certified as Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB), of which we are extremely proud. As we continue to grow our company, we are excited not only to be able to impact the individuals and families that we serve, but also the Birmingham community as a whole through job creation, mentorship for young female entrepreneurs, and culinary-focused non profits. Small businesses like ours truly have a unique oppportunity to change the city!


What is the hardest part of being a small business owner: Managing people… hands down


How can our readers find out more about your service? Visit nourishmeals.com for more information or contact us directly at [email protected]. We have an amazing customer service that’s ready to help!


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