Bark Art

Amy DeLoach and Sherlock


Amy DeLoach reveals the personalities of dogs through her camera.

Amy DeLoach has been passionate about art and photography since her school days in New Hampshire.

That passion led to a career as a wedding photographer, and meeting her soon-to-be husband, Jonathan, led her to Birmingham.

Her creative sparks really flew when she discovered pet portraits. It has become both a hobby and a business with a bit of therapy thrown into the mix. “I have always loved dogs and pets. It was a great way to be around other people’s dogs,” she says.

So what is the secret to the perfect dog photo? “Lighting is important, but luck is key. Lots of patience. Some dogs are just angels. But I have only had two who just sat perfectly still and did what they were told. Most have ADD. I bring noisemakers, treats, ask owners to bring things too, squeaky toys. There is a lot of waiting. Sometimes it happens in a minute and sometimes it is all afternoon,” DeLoach says.

“Having a dog of my own helped me with the business. It has helped me have a lot of patience while shooting dogs.” DeLoach’s dog is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, named Sherlock. She has been shooting pets since 2017, working her wedding business and the dog photography business in combination. 

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