Birmingfamous: Hip-Hop Duo Nerves Baddington

Nerves Baddington

This duo has been infiltrating the Birmingham scene collectively and individually for more than two decades, gaining momentum until finding their stride with this project. The socially and existentially conscious hip-hop combo has a relatable message and undeniably magnetic energy. Their ability to incorporate aspects of punk, shoegaze, and electronic music allows their experimental sound to draw in fans from just about any corner of the scene. The team has released three music videos. One of them, “Addict,” has accumulated national attention from outlets like MTV and IndiMusic TV. Most recently the band dropped a single called “New Rules,” a preview to the upcoming EP to debut in early 2017.

They have permeated our ears by claiming spots on local radio in addition to rosters of events such as Sloss Fest, Secret Stages, Hi Five Fest, and Sidewalk Film Festival. Their sound is a unique change of pace for the music scene, both locally and on a broader scale, and yet their feet are firmly planted in reality. This duo stays humble and gracious despite their aspirations, drawing from their own experiences and observations with depression, addiction, suppression, and social struggles, which helps retain a personal connection to the listener. Additionally, they have a track record of giving back to the community and working with organizations such as Southern Poverty Law Center, Rape Response: Crisis Center of Birmingham, and Birmingham Aids Outreach.

Like a respirator for Vulcan’s heart, these two are providing our city with a fresh beat. It is a sound track to remind you that Birmingham continues to evolve artistically and consciously. These two are ushering in a new sound with new rules, and the Magic City is pleased to have the escort. Without a doubt, Ryan Howell and John McNaughton of hip-hop duo Nerves Baddington are Birmingfamous.

Photographer: Jaysen Michael Producer: Lindsay Garrett location: The Syndicate Lounge

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