Is There Fashion On Mars?

If David Bowie’s goon squad came to town, what would they wear?

While turning from side to side, perhaps they would be clad in the latest that this season has to offer. Here are five takes on Bowie’s character creations. From Ziggy to Aladdin, from Major Tom to the Thin White Duke, Bowie is the inspiration for interpretation. So move from station to station, watch out for scary monsters, don’t hit an all-time low, and for now, let’s dance.

Photography by Jim Lafferty

Producer & Stylist: Mindi Shapiro

Additional credits listed at end of page

We Love A Lad Insane

Bowie 7Dress, Clover Canyon, $273, Saks Fifth Avenue / Faux fur bolero, $348, Saks Fifth Avenue / Gold necklace, $2,900, Jezebel / Boots, Pedro Garcia, $550, Gus Mayer / Bracelet, stylist’s own

So Where Were the Spiders?

Bowie 4Leggings, Zara Terez, $78, Saks Fifth Avenue / Tunic, Issey Miyake, $370, Betsy Prince / Fur vest, Adrienne Landau, $495, Betsy Prince / Platform shoes, Jessica Simpson, $119, Belk / Earrings, Blue Flower, $144, Jezebel / Cuff and ring, stylist’s own

Its the Freakiest Show

Bowie 5Tie, Saks Collection, $120, Saks Fifth Avenue / Shirt, Hilton Hollis, $345, Gus Mayer / Dress, RVN, $445, Saks Fifth Avenue / Shoes, Thierry Rabotin, $547, Betsy Prince

Whats Your Name?

Bowie 1Tuxedo pants, Vince, $345, Saks Fifth Avenue / White shirt, Lareida, $315, Betsy Prince / Vest, Stoosh, $40, Belk / Shoes, Dusica, $455, Betsy Prince / Bracelets, $106 each, Jezebel

Scary Monsters from Ground Control

Bowie 6Silver tank top, $74, Gus Mayer / Skirt, Kay Unger, $390, Saks Fifth Avenue / Necklace, $175, Betsy Prince / Shrug top, Robin Kaplan, $205, Betsy Prince

Put on Your Shoes and Dance the Blues

Bowie 2Yellow Sweater, White + Warren, $275, Betsy Prince / Pants, Elie Tahari, $278, Saks / Suspenders, Saddlebred, $20, Belk / Lace Up Oxford, Alberto Fermani, $445, Betsy Prince / Bow Tie, Ike Behar, $75, Saks / Jacket, Les Copains, $595, Saks

Additional Credits:

Styling Assistant: Brett Levine

Model: Kelsey Christian (Real People)

Art Director: Robin Colter 

Hair Stylist: Mark Hyde, Salon U

Make-Up Artist: Somica Spratley

Assistants: Katie Turpen, Erik Fountain, and Camille Colter

Special thanks to Saturn

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