Break Tradition

Confero Feb 15A new Valentine’s Day.

by Christopher Confero


If there’s one thing that my clients learn about me fairly quickly, it is that I try to remain intentional with each and every moment I design for them. It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate party or a wedding, what people remember is what personally touched them. It can be a recreated date or adding family photos that, when elevated conceptually, make the memory even stronger. That never fails.

That’s why I try to stray away from giving into the commercialized Valentine’s Day just because the calendar says it’s time to buy a gift and say “I love you.” I won’t get into the history of the day, but I will say that its significance rests in cherishing the love in our life—whatever the capacity—because we are lucky to have it at all.

Take the must out of buying or doing something for Valentine’s Day, and instead put effort into what will bring you and your loved ones closer together. Don’t know where to start? Here I share some of my favorite ideas that have far more impact.


A Taste of Love

Wonder what love tastes like? There’s a reason why the saying goes, “A full stomach makes a happy heart.” I believe that creating food moments together cement a happy relationship. Going out to dinner is standard, but I wish you the best of luck trying to get a reservation on Valentine’s Day! So why not cook? Not only do you get to make a new dish together, but there’s also room to learn more about one another. I also recommend taking a cooking class. It gets you out of your kitchen and the norm. Sur La Table is a haven for providing cooking classes that are sure to please the palette and the heart.


Do Not Disturb

We jump from the holidays to work. We are surrounded by family and coworkers, which leaves very little room for intimacy with your significant other. Don’t force alone time into one night, though. Try to plan an easy weekend getaway to a city nearby instead. While Birmingham is home to some remarkable attractions, it’s fortunately close to other fantastic Southern escapes like Nashville, Atlanta, and New Orleans, too. Explore another city together or just spend the weekend in a nice hotel. Try to unplug from the outside world and be present. Just because everyone is celebrating on Feb. 14 doesn’t mean you are obligated to do so. As long as the one you’re celebrating with is aware of the plans, no one will be penalized!


Cross it off “the” List

I know that crossing items of a to-do list is an accomplishment, but that list is never ending. Now making a list of “things I need to do/see in this lifetime” is a list I’d rather look at. Otherwise known as the Bucket List, have you ever let your loved one know what’s on your list? Get the conversation started by revealing a few things you long to do and see if anything matches up. If so, what better way to cross this item off your list than with someone you love dearly?

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