What Kind of Bride Are You?

Confero bridesTake the Confero quiz to find out.

By Christopher Confero  


Now that engagement season is behind us, I want to get to know all of my new brides for the year. When I first sit down with a bride-to-be, I allow the conversation to flow in hopes that a friendship blossoms. Of course, I ask her what her dream wedding looks like, but more importantly, I want to get to know her as an individual—her likes and dislikes help craft a wedding. Long after the nuptials are consummated, I’m lucky enough to stay in touch with my clients because of this. My mission as an event designer is to amplify a client’s personality on her (or his!) big day, so take the Confero quiz below to find out what kind of bride you are! 

1. How did you meet your fiancé?

a.     at a cocktail party (1)

b.     through family members (2)

c.      in a college class (4)

d.     while walking my dog (3)


2. What does a date look like for you and your partner?

a.     anything that gets us outside (3)

b.     the grand opening of a gallery show (2)

c.      our favorite bar around the corner with friends (4)

d.     a private booth at a five-star restaurant (1)


3. My favorite clothing store is:

a.     Anthropologie (4)

b.     Saks Fifth Avenue (1)

c.      J.Crew (2)

d.     Free People (3)


4. When you’re out with friends, your go-to drink is:

a.     champagne (2)

b.     vodka martini with two olives (1)

c.      mint julep (4)

d.     strawberry mojito (3)


5. If you could travel anywhere for your honeymoon, where would you go?

a.     Jamaica (3)

b.     Paris (2)

c.     St. Barth (1)

d.     Napa Valley (4)


6. You’ve got a raging cold and are stuck in bed for the day. What throwback TV show can you absolutely not resist?

a.     I Love Lucy  (2)

b.     Gossip Girl (1)

c.     The O.C. (3)

d.     Dawson’s Creek (4)


7. Your style idol is:

a.     Audrey Hepburn—Nothing beats her black boat necks and tea-length skirts. (2)

b.     Miranda Kerr—She has such effortless, easygoing style. (3)

c.      Lauren Conrad—Her whimsical style is so dreamy.  (4)

d.     Victoria Beckham—A girl can never leave the house without some killer heels. (1)


8. No matter the playlist, you always include:

a.     John Mayer  (3)

b.     Nat King Cole  (2)

c.      Mumford & Sons  (4)

d.     Beyoncé (1)


Tally your score:

Mostly 1s: Do you have a glam squad? Because glitter seems to follow you around, and you are just fabulous. Pulling inspiration from the likes of Beyoncé and Victoria Beckham, you’re a natural girl boss. You’ll look like stunner in a pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos and a sleek, form-fitting gown designed by Galia Lahav.

Mostly 2s: You know nothing beats a pair of black pumps and the power of a really good cheese board. The classics are time-tested and will never fail you. An ethereal dress, a bouquet of blush peony, and a swipe of lipstick will place you in the ranks of style icons like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn.

Mostly 3s: You live for the sunshine! So your dream wedding includes your feet in the sand as the sun is setting behind you and your loved ones. You might even opt for a shorter dress just to show that all those Pure Barre classes were worth it.

Mostly 4s: Mellow, earthy style is your trademark. You’re low maintenance in the very best way, and your sense of style wouldn’t be you without a whimsical muted color palette. A lace dress, strappy sandals, and a floral crown complete your bridal look. You can’t wait to tie the knot, so that you can be whisked away on your Napa Valley honeymoon.

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  1. Diana says:

    Got two of each – Trying to decide if that means I’m confused or well-rounded – Haha!

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