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Joanna Lea has an eye for beauty and a soul for spirit. The two things combined to create a unique line of jewelry that speaks to both.

Photography by Joanna Lea

A Hindu word meaning, “Beacon of Light,” Anjami was founded in 2012 by fashion designer Joanna Lea and German born graphic designer Markus Beige. The couple met for the first time in 1992 in Germany while working for the fashion house ESCADA. They lost touch, reunited 15 years later and were married in 2008. Their passion for design and spirituality produced a fine line of handcrafted jewelry featuring sterling silver and Indian rosewood.

“Anjami came about at a time in our lives when it was very meaningful to us,” Joana says. “We are both designers but in very different disciplines. We met in Germany when I was designing clothing. When we reconnected after many years, the idea of creating this jewelry really spoke to us. The jewelry may not ever become something you will see on a magazine cover but they are created to inspire people. I sold a necklace to a cancer patient once that said, ‘I will stand with courage and strength in the face of fear.’

“I wanted to put something out there that could be meaningful to others. I think the pieces are fashionable but they are also something that can speak to your beliefs,” Joanna says.

While she designed clothing for 15 years, Joanna is now a nurse working the night shift in the cardiac unit at Brookwood Medical Center. “I am not saying design is not a great career, but when you mature sometimes you need something more meaningful. I really enjoy helping people and sharing with them that you don’t have to be afraid. Sickness and death are just another part of the journey,” she says.

Creating the jewelry is a part of the her personal journey, she says. “These pieces are all touched by a person’s hand. That means a lot to us. They are created in the old style of what true fine jewelry was. We are small but we are excited to put it out there and see what the world does with it.”

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  1. Laurie Barker says:

    I saw this article and wondered if you do custom jewelry design. My daughter is getting married in August and wanted to have some type of bracelet made out of leather for her new husband. She has a James Avery purity ring that she would love to melt down and use in some way in the bracelet. Is this something you may could talk with her about creating?
    Thanks so much,
    Laurie Barker

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