2014 Caring Physicians

In this section, you’ll find three medicine-related essays followed by our 2014 Caring Doctors award recipients. Scroll down to the bottom to read real comments from patients of our Caring Physicians.


In Good HandsIn Good Hands

Why the right physician makes all the difference.

Written by Lindsey Lowe


It can be nerve-wracking: For one thing, it’s usually cold in doctors’ offices. For another, there are a lot—and I mean a lot—of questions. And of course, there’s the chance that something will be wrong; after all, most of the time you don’t go to the doctor if everything is a-OK. Add all of those factors together, throw in some less-than-stellar past experiences, and it can be nerve-wracking to visit the doctor.

I have experienced this. I have an autoimmune disease, so I’ve seen a lot of doctors. Nonetheless, I still get anxious every time. My hands sweat, my stomach gets fluttery, and I nervously shred the white paper that covers the patient’s chair. Even though there aren’t “right” answers to the questions, I still worry I’m not passing the test. (And I should be getting bonus points; I take a multivitamin every morning.)

Recently, I needed to change rheumatologists (who specialize in autoimmune disorders), and I made an appointment with Dr. Maura Kennedy at the Simon-Williamson Clinic. I’d had some changes in my condition and was dreading what the appointment would be like. I was worried about whether or not I needed to begin medication and whether my disease had progressed to the next step; I’m 23, so I have a lot of concerns about how I’m going to manage this for the rest of my life.

I learned almost everything I know about my disease, scleroderma, from my doctors. I was 8 when I was diagnosed, and so I’d not yet developed the Google prowess I can boast today. I remember listening to my doctors explain everything to my mom, and later, to me. I was about 16 when they started asking my opinion about my plan of action; I was about 20 when I decided I wanted to live as normal (read: medicine-free) a life as possible, which sometimes went against their first recommendations. So changing doctors—detailing my medical history, explaining my current symptoms (which, of course, don’t fit WebMD’s list of normal symptoms), and stressing my desires for the future—was even more nerve-wracking that it had been in the past. But then I met Dr. Kennedy.

When Dr. Kennedy came into the room, she brought with her something that was nearly tangible; it was a kind of genuine joy that warmed everything up. She got right down to business, following up on questions the nurse had asked, but she also asked me questions so that she could get to know me: What did I do? When did I move to Birmingham? What was my cat’s name? I like to talk about my cat (her name is Scout), so it immediately put me at ease. After the initial exam, Dr. Kennedy motioned for me to get out of the paper-covered patient’s chair (Whew!) and sit with her at the desk. Though I can be most certain that she had a full docket of patients to see, she answered every question I had with patience. She listened thoughtfully as I explained my hopes for the way we would proceed, and then she laid out all of my options.

Perhaps what was most important, though, is what she said at the end: “I’m not here to tell you what to do,” she explained. “I’m just here to tell you what your options are, to educate you. You get to make your own decision.” With that, I didn’t just feel cared for—I felt empowered and capable of making decisions about my own health. I’d argue that besides health itself, that’s one of the most important things a doctor can give a patient. It was still cold in her office, but Dr. Kennedy had taken the “nerve-wracking” bit out of the whole thing.

Because the right doctor can make all the difference, B-Metro brings you our 2014 Caring Doctors list. This list was generated by Birminghamiams who wrote to us recommending their doctors for the same reason I’d recommend Dr. Kennedy: I can tell she cares, and I can tell she’s going to take care of me. When I walked out of her office, I still had an autoimmune disease. I was still faced with making decisions now that could alter my quality of life decades from now. But when I called the important people in my life to tell them what Dr. Kennedy and I had discussed, I kept repeating one thing I knew for sure: “I’m in really good hands.”



To Make a Difference

Medicine changes lives.

Written by Caleb Osborne

Photo by Beau Gustafson


When asked to write a piece about why I am pursuing a career in medicine, I was honestly very tempted to start by copying and pasting the first paragraph of my medical school application essay. I was tempted because A) I am in medical school and not exactly swimming in free time, and B) the motivations I described in that essay are still what drive me in what I do. However, I generally feel it’s best to start from the beginning, so that’s what we’ll do, you and me.

When I was 18 months old, my parents chose to become house parents at the Big Oak Boy’s Ranch in Gadsden, Alabama. Big Oak Ranch is, as the motto simply states, “A Christian Home for Children Needing a Chance.” It is a place that provides a home for children who have been abused or neglected in some way. Because they believed in what Big Oak Ranch does, my parents took on the task of raising children who were not their own, biologically speaking. Growing up, I saw my parents care for these children the same way they cared for me. I never thought it strange or understood it as the sacrifice that it was. I was under the impression that it was just what people did, caring for people who needed it. It wasn’t until high school that I came to realize the impact my parents were having on so many children. Living at the Ranch, I was made acutely aware of the hurts that the world often dishes out. As I began to comprehend the sacrifices and implications of what my parents did, it became clear to me that my parents were in the business of changing lives. I didn’t know what I wanted to do as a career, but I knew I wanted to have the same sort of impact.

Around the same time I was making this discovery, I went on a trip to Victoria, Mexico, with my church youth group. One of the aspects of that trip was handing out sandwiches at the city dump, where hundreds of people lived among the city’s garbage. I remember shuffling around in the fetid Mexican heat and feeling oddly insignificant. Was this the difference we intended to make with our 23-hour bus ride? To hand out sandwiches to people who needed so much more? As I began to bemoan the futility of what we were doing, the smiles of the people there kept me going. Those people taught me a principle that I still am learning: Every little bit counts. Just do what you can do to help, and do it as well as you can. That is all there is to do. I sit here almost a decade later, and many of those children probably live in the very same dump. I did not change that for them. I was entirely unable to do so.

Throughout the world, it is the same. Billions of people live in poverty, or without access to clean water, or perhaps without family or friends. I am able to solve approximately none of these problems. It is easy to become overwhelmed with the problems and ask ourselves, “Why bother?” However, I believe this response is entirely the wrong one. People will always hurt. There will always be disease. There will always be poverty. We must accept these facts as reality, but we cannot become content with leaving it as it stands. We cannot do everything, but that is no excuse to do nothing.

Three years ago, the idea of becoming a physician was entirely off my radar. I wanted to teach and coach like my dad. I love to teach and I love football; what could be a better fit? However, something in me felt as though that was not my path. I felt a slow and steady pull toward medicine. I picked up a job at a restaurant, enrolled to take 30+ hours of science prerequisites for medical school, applied, and was accepted, and I have never looked back since (That’s a lie. I look back often when I’m up studying at 5:30 a.m.).

I did these things because I decided years ago that I wanted to have an impact on people’s lives. Medicine is certainly not the only way to have that impact. Lives are changed not by professions but by people. Medicine is simply the way I am choosing to make my impact. Growing up at the Ranch, I learned firsthand how dedicated people can help alleviate emotional and spiritual suffering. That is something we can all do. My aim in learning medicine is to develop the skills to alleviate physical suffering as well. After all, every person has been given some sort of skills or talents in life. Why not use them to help change lives?



Dr. Greg BanksModern Medicine

What has changed—and stayed the same—in the two decades OB/GYN Dr. Greg Banks has practiced medicine.

Written by Dr. Greg Banks, MD

Photo by Beau Gustafson


No profession has the ability to fulfill the needs of the provider and the recipient as does a practice in medicine. Those in need find healing, and the caregiver is fulfilled by supplying knowledge and skill to better his fellow man. We are all placed on this earth to give of ourselves to others and this profession is centered on this mission. Such is the oath we take from Hippocrates: “In purity, and according to divine law, will I carry out my life and my art.” The truth is, the art is losing attachment to science and its origin linked to divinity.

I began my practice with a daily joy to get to the office and hospital. The days were never too long, and I was one of the “strange” ones who enjoyed residency. Every birth was a miracle, and the time spent with patients incredibly fulfilling. Twenty years of private practice and each time I hear a baby cry after its first breath, my heart leaps with joy. I am as excited as the first time I delivered one of God’s miracles. The surgery is equally as fulfilling, watching lives change as you are able to fix problems that are associated with illness. The office is a time to examine patients, but even more a time to connect with them as friends or as family. Nothing is more rewarding than being a part of someone’s life for 20 years and watching them grow into maturity, have a marriage, and deliver their children. I cannot imagine anything that is more gratifying than being an integral part of a patient’s life.

Medicine today is changing. Many of the things that attached us to the profession are being removed. At the beginning of my practice, morning rounds were filled with reviewing labs, data, and more importantly, talking to patients and their families. Now the morning is filled with sitting at a computer terminal, placing orders and signing off orders and notes. Just as texting is replacing verbal communication, the computer orders limit time with patients and communicating with the nursing staff. Nurses too are forced to spend more time at the terminal and less time taking care of their patients. If all the data is not entered, the requirements for the health care act are not met for a disease taking over the medical profession called “meaningful use.” This phrase is the requirement to certify that we are using the computerized records and orders in a meaningful way for Medicare and other government agencies. If the rules are not met, fines will be placed or funds due from the government are withheld. The ultimate threat is to remove the caregiver from insurance plans, which eliminates your access to groups of patients.  “You can keep your doctor” as long as he or she follows the rules and collects the data necessary to be compliant under the health care plan. Time in the room with patients is decreased by data entry. The physician is typing orders in one terminal while the nurse is reading them on the terminal next to you. In the good old days, we rounded together and discussed the patient at bedside…what a thought!

Data is collected on the physician’s activity in the hospital that could eliminate them from plans as well. Certain procedure rates, such as abdominal hysterectomies or caesarean sections, are chosen. The question is not, “Was the hysterectomy successful?” but, “Was the patient readmitted for a urinary tract infection?” The baby’s outcome is less important for the data than your C-section rate. If caesarean sections are performed outside of a preset percentage or episiotomies are used for delivery, you score poorly and this data can be used against you.

Office practice has changed as well. A computer goes with you into the room and patients fill out pages of seemingly worthless data online. Checking boxes to meet the governmental requirements takes time away from the physician and patient. The activity of data entry adds up to two hours onto a physician’s day. It is difficult to enter all the necessary data for “meaningful use” and spend quality time with your patient. If anyone as a patient has seen the doctor spending more time typing and checking than listening, you know what I mean.

The advent of electronic records, fees, and fines for failure to comply and the fear of being removed from plans that give you access to your patients are all part of the brave new world. The new international coding system for billing alone could make private practice cost prohibitive. To make decisions for our patients that are not “cost effective,” we are brought under scrutiny, but decisions based on cost are sometimes divergent from our mission. Tort reform is unlikely adding other fears to our practice. The bottom line is that regardless of fees, regulations, computers, and electronic records, the patient is our focus. That has not and should not change. Health care laws, shifting cost to the patients with outrageous deductibles and fees, do not change the profession.

The love and compassion for our patients are what make it all worthwhile. Even though many condemn our profession and say that the rest of the world is superior, I do not believe that most of the world desiring to get their health care here spells a truly broken system. For me, caring for my patients as friends is the most rewarding job on earth. I have been integrated into many families with my profession and have brought more than 7,000 babies into the world. Both of my children are seeking a career in medicine even with the changes going on around us. I can think of no job more fulfilling and none so driven with compassion for humanity than the one I have. Modern medicine is nothing more than it has been in the past: It is people truly caring for others and giving them healing and love in a time of need.


2014 Caring Physicians


Patient Comments




Dr. Lee Schmitt, M.D.

Bariatric and General Surgery,52 Medical Park East Drive, Suite 307,Birmingham, Alabama 35235. (205) 838-3047

“His staff is incredible, caring, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful…He gave me the tools and the information that I needed to become a new and improved me.


Dr. Robert Leslie Miles, M.D.

Bariatric and General Surgery, 52 Medical Park East Drive, Suite 307, Birmingham, Alabama 35235. (205) 838-3047

“Even though Dr. Miles has performed over thousands of weight loss surgeries and procedures, he treats every one of his patients as an individual.”




Dr. Anabela Simon Lee M.D.

Alabama Heart and Vascular PC, 2022 Brookwood Medical Center Dr suite 403, Birmingham, AL 35209. (205) 271-2777

“She deserves to be recognized because of her caring spirit and wonderful bedside manner… Her practice is her ministry.


Dr. Anu Rao M.D.

Cardiovascular Associates PC, 3980 Colonade Parkway, Birmingham AL 35243. (205) 510-5000

“My dad was in panic mode, thought this was the big one. I contacted Dr. Rao and she came down from her office upstairs and spent about an hour calming him, talking candidly with him, and making him feel comfortable.”


Dr. Joaquin Arciniegas M.D.

Alabama Cardiovascular Group PC , 2700 10Th Ave, Birmingham, AL 35205. (205) 939-0139

“In 30 years of being in the medical field I have never encountered a physician that cares for his patients more on a professional as well as a personal level.


Dr. Russell S. Ronson M.D.

Lamberth and Ronson PC, 2022 Brookwood Medical Center Dr, Birmingham, AL 35209. (205) 877-2627

Dr. Ronson has gone above and beyond the call of duty for me personally and for dozens of my friends on several different occasions. Specifically I would love to cite the occasion on which my father was having a heart attack at two in the morning. Within minutes he was there making sure that my father was going to be okay.




Dr. Scott Albano   DC

Magic City Chiropractic, 3049 John Hawkins Pkwy. Suite 116, Hoover, AL 35244 (205) 444-4844

“I have been seeing Dr Albano for a few years now and he has been consistently amazing from the beginning. He gives an old school type of care to his patients that you just don’t find anymore.


Dr. Jason Garwood DC

5092 Cahaba Valley Rd, Birmingham, AL 35242. (205) 981-8081

“I am impressed by the fact he takes time to give presentations at the JCCEO to people concerning their wellness and health. He makes each participant feel as if they have a right to be healthy. Yet, he never brags about his community work.”


Cosmetic Surgery


Dr. Melanie Petro M.D.

Petro Cosmetic Surgery, 700 Montgomery Hwy, Birmingham, AL 35216. (205) 824-6334

“A Caring Physician” does not even begin to describe Dr. Petro. She is honest, warm, friendly and truly cares about each patient. From the first time I met Dr. Petro, I felt like part of her family; not just a patient. She was totally honest with me about what I needed and what was not necessary. She listened to me about my concerns and my desires.




Dr. Edgar Luna DMD

Diamond Smiles 5336 Stadium Trace Parkway, Suite 102, Hoover, AL 35244. (205) 988-9700

“I, like many others, have a long-standing, full grown fear of going to the dentist. I should say I did have that issue for the first 40 years of my life, until I found Dr. Edgar Luna. Dr. Luna worked with me to develop a multi-year plan to restore the health of my teeth and bite. Unbelievable family atmosphere from the front desk to the hygienist to Dr Luna.


Dr. Norman Guillen DMD

Norman Guillen Dentistry

3125 Independence Dr #220, Birmingham, AL 35209. (205) 871-6880

“Goes above and beyond for his patients, by providing them his personal contact information and encouraging them to contact him at anytime if they are experiencing pain or have any questions.




Dr. Megan Cherry M.D.

Village Dermatology, 2900 Cahaba Road, Mountain Brook Village, Birmingham, AL 35223. (205) 877-9773

“Dr. Cherry is an amazing person, and she carries that into her office each day…Very kind and spends lots of time with you. My mother had skin cancer and she even called at night to check on everything.


Dr. James Krell M.D.

Total Skin and Beauty Dermatology Center, 2100 16th Ave South, Suite 202 Ash Place Center, Birmingham, AL 35205. (205) 933-0987

“My daughter has seen Dr. Krell since she was a young child for the treatment of her psoriasis. He is the top doctor in this city especially for the treatment of Psoriasis and is on the forefront of new treatments and research studies.”


Dr. Maria Marks M.D.

Maria Marks Dermatology, 250 Inverness Center Dr, Birmingham, AL 35242. (205) 995-5575

“She is kind, spends time with you as a patient, isn’t in a rush, gives samples & coupons if they are available and makes you as comfortable as possible.


Dr. Barry Ginsburg M.D.

Ginsburg Dermatology Center, 972 Montclair Rd, Birmingham, AL 35213. (205) 592-4880

“He never approaches the patients in a rush… He encourages the patients to call the office with any questions. One of his statements is “no question is ever a dumb question.”


Dr. Vlida Groysman M.D.

Cahaba Dermatology, 2290 Valleydale Rd #204, Hoover, AL 35244 (205) 214-7546

“My son was attacked by a vicious dog. He was bitten several times in the face. I called Dr. Groysman, my physician, from the emergency room of Children’s Hospital to ask for her advice in a panic. Dr. Groysman stopped working and took my call immediately. She gave me advice on what she would do if it were her child. She’s a rock star!!




Dr. David DeAtkine M.D., FACE

Endocrinology and Internal Medicine Associates, 805 St. Vincents Drive, OrthoSports Center Suite 500, Birmingham Al, 35205. (205) 313-2650

“He monitored my condition constantly and stayed at the hospital until 3:30 am until the next lab results came back. I am convinced that his attention and the care of the St. Vincent ‘s staff are the reason I am alive.”


Otolaryngology (ENT)


Dr. Paul Castellanos M.D.

UAB Kirklan Clinc, 1530 3rd Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35294. (205) 934-9766

“ Not until I began to be under the care of Dr. Castellanos did I feel like there was hope of finding out exactly what I had and properly being treated. Since the first day, I have trusted him with my life. “Dr. Robert Sciacca M.D.

Alabama ENT Associates, 4501 Southlake Pkwy #200, Hoover, AL 35244. (205) 985-7393

“Absolutely the most caring and compassionate doctor we have seen. Spends time with the patient, answers all your questions, and even calls on a Sunday to talk with you.”


Family Practice


Dr. Jamie Bell Anderson DO

Five Points South, Jefferson Clinic Pc, 1515 6th Ave S

Birmingham, AL 35233


“Her spirit exudes caring. She truly ministers concern for everyone…Dr. Anderson has an amazing testimony on how to not to just practice medicine and preach a healthy lifestyle, but to actually live it herself.”


Dr. Bonnie Armour M.D.

Red Mountain Family Health Center, 1900 20th Ave S # 102, Birmingham, AL 35209. (205) 933-4520

“She has helped me through divorce, job changes, knee surgery and recovery, and most significantly as the “quarterback” of my treatment team for my now 10 year journey through throat cancer, side effects and recovery.”


Dr. Michael Brewer M.D.

Inverness Family Medicine, 4902 Valleydale Rd, Birmingham, AL 35242. (205) 980-8099

“He doesn’t rush you in and out. very concerned and takes time to point out things you need to watch for.


Dr. Gary Bullock DO

430 Emery Dr., Hoover, AL 35244. (205) 987-4044

“His treatment room does not have the typical cold chairs you find in all offices, but he has a recliner that I could sit in. We talked like we were friends for 15-20 minutes before we even addressed my concerns and why I was in his office! That’s how medicine used to be and should be again.


Dr. Jeffrey Clifton M.D.

Seale Harris Clinic,805 St Vincents Dr #510, Birmingham, AL 35205. (205) 595-5504

Dr Clifton is so compassionate he listens to his patients and cares so much.”

Dr. Jeffrey Scott Davidson DO

Columbiana Clinic, 22266 Highway 25, Columbiana, AL 35051. (205) 669-3138

“Whether I am sick or just coming in for a checkup he always make sure he he has answered all my questions and quieted all my concerns… He sees our whole family from grandparents to children.”


Dr. Colleen Tobe-Donohue DO

Brookwood Primary Care, 2017 Canyon Road, Suite 39, Birmingham, AL 35216. (205) 871-7746

“Dr. Donohue pushes away the concerns we have with a changing healthcare system and keeps the tradition of the “art” of practicing medicine alive. She is a patient advocate, which is hard to find.”


Dr. Renee’ B. Harmon M.D.

Double Oak Family Medicine, 101 Missionary Ridge Dr., Birmingham, AL 35242. (205) 995-2520

“She is always patient and kind, never rushes you to leave by letting you have the time to tell her about your ailments. She is hard working and very proactive in her care for her patients.   She is always ready to go the extra mile for you. Fabulous Woman! Caring, considerate and compassionate.”


Dr. Danika Hickman M.D.

985 9th Ave SW, Bessemer, AL 35022. (205) 481-8145

“She even takes walk-ins in need of medical attention. She is caring, kind and genuine. Dr. Hickman always greets you with a smile and conversation.”


Dr. James McMinn M.D.

McMinn Clinic, 2008 Lancaster Rd., Birmingham, AL 35209. (205) 868-1313

“Jim McMinn believes in the benefits of helping his patients find the balance of health and wellness through a combination of lifestyle management, healthy diet, spiritual growth, intimacy and appropriate medication retiming. “


Dr. Katie Moore M.D.

Trinity Medicine at Liberty Park, 8000 Liberty Parkway Suite 120, Birmingham, AL 35242 (205)968-5988

“She is amazingly helpful, thorough, efficient, and caring. I recommend her to everyone. You feel at ease in her care and have her full attention in the office.


Dr. Matthew Parker M.D.

Heritage Medical Assoc., 5479 Highway 280, Suite 114, Birmingham, AL 35242

(205) 637-3469

“My first visit I received a warm hug, a welcoming smile, and had his complete attention. He assured me he would do everything he could to help me regain my life. Days later on a weekend Dr. Parker called me and said “You aren’t crazy, you are in pain for a reason, You have Lupus.”


Dr. Mark Ricketts M.D.

The Vestavia City Center , 700 Montgomery Highway, Suite 194 , Birmingham, AL 35216. (205)822 0233

“Dr. Ricketts diagnosed me on my first visit, and started treatment immediately. He looked past the obvious possible diagnosis and dug much deeper to get to the root of my problem.


Dr. Elizabeth Stevenson M.D.

MedHelp PC, 4600 Highway 280, Birmingham, AL 35242. (205) 408-1231

“She never judges you for any outlandish diagnosis that you may give yourself. She is amazingly knowledgeable and kind. She’s been my doctor for the past 14 years, and I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.


Dr. Eric Tofil M.D.

700 19th Street South, Birmingham, AL 35233. (205) 933-8101

“Dr. Tofil is a caring physician who goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the Veteran population. He seeks out assistance from other disciplines and coordinates care to address health concerns of the veterans.”


Dr. Aye Unnoppet DO

644 2nd St NE # 104, Alabaster, AL 35007. (205) 663-5970

“She is the most caring physician, treats you as a friend. She gives you all the time you need, you never feel rushed.”


Dr. Michael Vaughn M.D.

MedHelp 280 LLC, 4600 Highway 280, Birmingham, AL 35242. (205) 408-1231

“He listens closely and works closely with the patient to ensure the best care is given. He is always prompt in his appointments and in returning calls. Dr. Vaughn gives back to the community by offering free care when needed.   He is, by far, one of the most compassionate, caring doctors I have had the opportunity to meet.”


Dr. Breezy Wilson M.D.

Medical West Parkwest Health Center, 1179 Greenmor Drive, Bessemer, AL 35022

(205) 481-8530

“Dr. Wilson is the most caring and compassionate doctor I have ever seen. I was born with chronic lung disease and have seen many doctors in my 52 years. Dr. Wilson is the ONLY one who actually listened to me and was able to put me on a treatment schedule that works.




Dr. Cecil Long M.D.

Honea Houserman and Long , 2006 Brookwood Medical Center Dr, Birmingham, AL 35209. (205) 870-9784

“I have seen Dr. Long for many years. He is by far the most caring and personable doctor I have ever gone to. He will go above and beyond for his patients and has a wonderful bedside manner. He treats you like a real person and not like a number.”


Dr. Beth Malizia M.D.

Alabama Fertility Specialists, 2700 U.S. 280, Mountain Brook, AL 35223. (205) 874-0000

Dr. Beth gives hope to the hopeless. Who could ask for more than that?

Dr. Michael Steinkampf M.D.

Alabama Fertility Specialists2700 U.S. 280,

Mountain Brook, AL 35223


“Dr. Steinkampf always made us feel so comfortable, listened to every concern, answered every question, and truly had a sincere attitude throughout the whole process. He is an incredible doctor, but an even more incredible person…He understands that infertility is a constant struggle for many individuals and he does everything in his power to help couples achieve their dream of having a family.


General Surgery


Dr. Timothy Bullock M.D.

Surgical Associates PC. 860 Montclair Rd, Birmingham, AL 35213. (205)930-8020

“He went out of his way to make sure I was taken care of and had the results of my biopsies ASAP. He was kind and understanding about my fears.


Dr. Sam Windham   M.D.

UAB Medical Center, The Kirklin Clinic, 5th Floor, 2000 6th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL (205) 934-9999

“Dr Sam is so incredibly caring with his patients. He goes above and beyond to make sure they are cared for. He’s kind and respectful and a wonderful person.”

Geriatric Medicine


Dr. Tyler Stracener   M.D.

1521 11th Ave S., Birmingham, AL 35205. (205) 996-2770

“He listens carefully to his patients. He never seems to be in a hurry. He is always kind and sympathetic to his older patients. He smiles and has a pleasant demeanor that puts his patients at ease.”


Gynecologic Oncology


Dr. Ronald D. Alvarez M.D.

UAB Gynecology Oncology, 1700 6th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35210. (205) 934-4986

“Dr. Ronald D. Alvarez is a leader in the field of gynecologic oncology not only in the clinical field but also in the research field. He is a brilliant scientist. He is a very down to earth and compassionate physician who listens to his patients and cares for them and their families.


Dr. Mack Barnes   M.D.

Alabama Oncology 2006 Medical Center Drive, Women’s Medical Plaza Suite 104, Birmingham, AL 35209 (205) 877-5100

Dr. Barnes is a phenomenal surgeon, person, physician & friend to all. He goes over and beyond daily for his patients, staff and hospital. He is our “go-to guy” when there is a complicated, emergent or life altering case.


Hematology / Oncology                   


Dr. Luigi Bertoli M.D.

Southern Hematology and Oncology, 2022 Brookwood Medical Ctr Dr, Ste. 626ACC, Birmingham, AL 35209 (205) 877-2888

He is the kindest physician I work with [ I am also a doc].


Immuninology/Asthma Allergy

Dr. James Bonner M.D.

Alabama Allergy, 504 Brookwood Boulevard, Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 871-9661

This physician is an amazing clinician, that truly looks to the root cause for problems and develops effective plans of care, all while communicating with his patients, while looking them in the eye. He connects so well with patients and should be recognized for his accomplishments. He formerly trained physicians as UAB, so he has made a tremendous impact on the Birmingham community.


Internal Medicine


Dr. Raymond Browne   M.D.

Mayfair Internal Medicine, 3106 Independence Dr., Birmingham, AL 35209 (205) 871-7007

Dr. Browne is accessible, responsive, and attentive. His examines are efficient but thorough. He doesn’t waste time but he is willing to take the time you need. He REALLY listens! He has an easy relaxed warmth and openness. His character is reflected by the relaxed but professional nature of his support staff. I don’t know what I would do without him. He is a fine doctor and deserves not only my appreciation but recognition a rare type of doctor in today’s medical environment.


Dr. Laura Bunch M.D.

Brookwood Primary Care, 2547 John Hawkins Pkwy #103, Birmingham, AL 35244


She is the only doctor I have had in the Birmingham area that not only take the time to talk to her patient, find out what the problem is, and actively find a solution. She is very sweet and follows up with her patients.


Dr. Sharon Brom Chaney M.D.

Advanced Internal Medicine, PC, 860 Montclair Rd., Ste 761, Birmingham, AL 35213

(205) 595-0395

She is very lab report oriented by running test to find problems through the lab work. She has her staff to follow up since she is concerned about her patients well being as well as checking the progress of her work to verify her treatment plan that she has for you. Great positive office to visit with quick response time so no hours spent in waiting rooms or exam rooms. You move right along.


Dr. Reid Stuart Christopher   M.D.

West Jefferson Medical Group, 1088 9th Ave SW suite 104, Bessemer, AL 35022 205-426-0546

Dr. Christopher is very passionate regarding preventive medicine. He is very aggressive when treating and preventing heart disease, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and hypertension to name a few. He is very sensitive when it comes to patient care and has the wonderful ability to speak on any level. He has a huge heart and great people skills. He often does nice things for people,behind the scenes, that few are aware of.


Dr. Anna L. Davis M.D.

UAB Health System, 1250 Inverness Cors, Birmingham, AL 35242 205-980-0035

Dr. Anna Davis is not only incredibly smart in the field of medicine, she is also smart, kind, sensitive and RESPONSIVE to her patients. She takes time to gather information during your visit and actually listen – which results in more questions and a “full picture” of her patient’s condition, needs and concerns.

Dr. Davis is very caring and interested in your well being. She takes the appointment time and truly listens to you.


Dr. David Gettinger M.D.

UAB Health Center, 2000 6th Ave S., Birmingham, AL 35233 205-801-7500

Dr. Gettinger is a fantastic doctor who truly cares about your entire well being. He has continually gone above and beyond the call of duty to catch major illnesses early and develop treatment plans. He follows up better than anyone and wants to make sure things are done correctly.

Dr. Gettinger is the most thorough physician I have ever known. He listens. He takes time with me. He knows about my extended family. He makes follow-up calls after an urgent medical issue. He does necessary tests and gets immediate results on wihch he acts. He makes referrals when needed and then serves as the quarterback with his medical teammates–knowing the diagnosis, medication, treatment, and prognosis. In the nearly 25 years he has been my physician, he has always been available when I needed him. He will talk with me on the telephone and reassure me if my condition is similar to an earlier problem. But when there is something new or uncertain, he works me in on the day of my medical need.


Dr. Laurie T. Hall   M.D.

UAB Health Center, 2000 6th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35233 205-801-8375

Laurie Hall is amazing. I hadn’t been to a doctor for probably ten years when I first went to Laurie. She quickly assessed my situation and addressed the problems I had with advice and medication. Since then, I have fielded many family members and friends to her because of my faith in her skill and intellect. It goes without saying that her listening abilities are keen. No complaint goes without thorough investigation and almost always, a solution. She is caring, kind, charming and also firm about the patient’s responsibilities in the physician and patient relationship. Personally, I feel great most of the time which I attribute to Laurie’s attention and recommendations.


Dr. Amy Bentley-Illescas M.D.

Total Care 280, 2800 Greystone Commercial Blvd Ste 2B, Birmingham, AL 35242 205-547-2323

Dr. Amy is REAL. She is a real, caring human being. Her bedside manner is comfortable, yet professional. She never hesitates to ask about other family members, and is totally in tune with my feelings and concerns. She is honest and forthright and follows up each visit with an email or phone call to ensure there were no further complications or questions. My husband, who is like most men I’ve known, wouldn’t go to a doctor unless he thought he was dying. He LOVES Dr. Amy though because she actually cares and uses humor (which he appreciates) to put her clients at ease.


Dr. Gorman Jones M.D.

Camellia Medical Group, 801 Princeton Ave SW, Birmingham, AL 35211 205-783-3505

Exceptional bedside manner. Always available. Explains difficult medical subjects in a way a patient and family can understand.

Dr. Amy Lejeune M.D.

UAB Health System, 1250 Inverness Cors, Birmingham, AL 35242   205-980-0035

Amy is the best. She listens and asks the right questions, without making you feel like she’s hurrying on to the next patient. And she knows your medical history when she shows up to talk to you. She also listens when you tell her what you think about what might be wrong with you, and will not make you feel that she doesn’t really want to hear what you’ve got to say. I don’t know how she does it really. I’ve never sat in the waiting room, or in the examining room for more than 15 minutes, while other doctors keep you waiting for an hour or more.


Dr. William Guy Patterson M.D.

Highland Park, 2660 10th Ave S suite 400, Birmingham, AL 35205 (205) 313-2650

Very thoughtful. Explains things in layman terms.

He is kind, caring, and truly helps his patients. Most important is that no matter age of patient he spends time with the patient and the family members to explain or help in any situation. He is loving and considerate of the human beings he is helping. Always available. Just a prince of a man in every way. Loving, kind, patient, joyful, and a caring doctor (those are hard to find these days).


Dr. Margaret D. Riser M.D.

Brookwood Internist, 513 Brookwood Blvd #50, Birmingham, AL 35209 205-877-2764

Dr. Riser has been my physician for the past 15-20 years. She is never in a hurry, always willing to listen, and is a brilliant physician besides! She follows up on whatever the issue is at the time and her care, concern and sincerity have been never-ending over the years; she goes above and beyond the ‘usual’ office visit. And I know that Dr. ‘Margaret’ shows each of her patients the same care…she’s very special and definitely has the gift of compassion and deserves to be recognized!


Dr. Morris Roebuck   M.D.

Southview Medical Group, 833 St Vincents Dr., Birmingham, AL 35205 205-933-4640

The reason above all I recommend Dr. Roebuck is he respects my time. Doctors have forgotten one of our most valuable assets is our time. Dr. Roebuck and his staff have a good understanding of the time needed for patient care and schedule accordingly. I have never felt shorted in care nor robbed when I left. He listens well and when done, I don’t feel like I’ve donated half or more of my day for the care I’ve received. I can move on toward better health.


Dr. Katherine Romp M.D.

Birmingham Healthcare

1600 20th St S Suite A

Birmingham, AL 35205

(205) 212-5600

Upon meeting Dr. Romp, it’s quickly obvious that her primary focus is solely on you. Her compassion is an inherent gift and her listening skills honed to a tee. She listens and she hears and, most important, she doesn’t lecture. She views her patient’s health as a partnership where she utilizes her education and her inherent people skills to arrive at the best solution for her patient while bringing comfort and easing fears. And, she also knows when to inject humor into the situation when appropriate. Her diagnostics skills are spot on and her professional

manner is that of a caring, concerned close friend.


Dr. Jason Shawn Smith M.D.


7191 Cahaba Valley Rd Suite 300

Birmingham, AL 35242

(205) 930-2060

Dr. Smith took over general care of my adult son when he was recovering from a staph infection following a knee scope and still had a blood clot cause by the inactivity of the staph infection. My son’s care was complicated, and Dr. Smith coordinated all aspects of his care. Dr. Smith is a caring, giving, understanding and thorough physician who puts the patient first. I was so impressed, I switched to Dr. Smith as my personal GP and have recommended him to others.


Dr. Farah T Sultan M.D.

Viatology Wellness

2018 Brookwood Medical Center Dr,

Birmingham, AL 35209


Dr Sultan goes above and beyond to take care of her patients. She works with each and every client to ensure that they are given ample time with her to meet their needs. Dr Sultan takes the time to discuss not only their medications but supplements and other lifestyle habits that could affect their health. She is a wealth of knowledge and if she is unable to provide the highest care possible she refers them to someone who can help.

In addition to caring for her patients suffering from chronic conditions and symptoms of disease at her Internal medicine practice at Brookwood Medical Center, she has introduced a new approach to wellness with her Functional Medicine practice at Vitalogy Wellness Center. At Vitalogy Wellness Center, she assists her patients in talking ownership of their wellness by providing education, nutritional council inc, functional fitness, yoga, weight loss, hormone balancing for men and women, pharmaceutical quality vitamins/supplements/skin care, and means by which to gauge the the success of her program.


Dr. Lisha Thornton   M.D.

UAB Hoover Health Center

2321 John Hawkins Pkwy Suite 150

Hoover, AL 35244

(205) 989-7254

Very caring and loving. Always attentive and involved.Spends extra time individually as needed.Appropriately confronts and congratulates you, when needed. Always smiling. Very loving and shows genuine empathy to your needs, questions, and concerns. Love her! Great doctor.


Dr. Mark Ticola   M.D.

800 Lakeshore Dr Suite 292452

Birmingham, AL 35229

(205) 726-2835

Dr. Ticola serves as the resident physican for University Health Services at Samford University. where he serves a community with 5,000+ potential patients. Despite the unusual circumstances of his practice, he is consistently friendly, concerned and helpful in the way he deals with each patient. He focuses on the individual, giving whatever time needed to ensure that the patient’s concerns are met. He asks questions, listens to the responses and works with the patient to develop a treatment plan.


Dr. Roxanne Travelute M.D.

1817 Oxmoor Rd,

Birmingham, AL 35209


In today’s fast-paced, and sometimes, impersonal world, how refreshing it is to find a doctor who goes against that trend and makes each patient feel special. Dr. Travelute takes the time to listen to my feelings, even when I bring along my long list of questions and concerns! I never feel rushed when I am in her examining room as she sits back, takes notes, and gives me her full attention. She not only deals with the physical issues, but really helps with the overall well-being of the patient including emotional issues that we might be facing. She is tremendously empathetic and caring.I always feel that she is in my corner-especially when she will call to check on me, or give me the latest lab report at a time much later than her regular office hours. Her warmth, kindness, and attentiveness are so powerful and important to the healing process. Dr. Travelute is an outstanding physician as well as an incredible person and I am proud to nominate her for this honor.


Dr. David F. Wynne   M.D.

Summit Internal Medicine

860 Montclair Rd,

Birmingham, AL 35213

(205) 595-9222

I am almost 70 years of age … and of all the doctors I have had over the years I must say that Dr. Wynne is the most concerned and caring doctors I have ever seen. You can easily tell that his concern for his patients [not just me and my wife as patients] are genuine.

I am able to walk in and be seen promptly. He has given his cell phone number for patients to call him in the middle of the night if needed. The office are awesome! Very kind & sweet. Just an overall awesome group!

He is a great dr and has heart of gold. He is good to all of his patients and does whatever necessary to keep them healthy. He will go above and beyond to help people.




Dr. Michael J. Hanaway M.D.

UAB Kirklin Clinic

2000 6th Ave S

Birmingham, AL 35233


He is one of the best kidney doctor in the world. People come from all over the world to see him.


Dr. Edwin Rutsky M.D.

2000 6th Ave South

Birmingham AL 35233


Dr. Rutsky is a very concerned, considerate, compassionate physician. He is a hands on physician who really pays attention and listens to his patients. He is a gem and one in a few. Dependable, reliable, caring, that’s Dr. Edwin Rutsky.




Dr. Emily Sherill Riser M.D.

Alabama Neurology Associates

3105 Independence Drive Suite 105

Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 803-2210 ‎

Dr. Emily is the best neurologist there is. People come from near and far just to see her. She has an immaculate bedside manner and cares for all of her patients. Dr. Riser goes above and beyond the call of duty for her patients giving all who encounter her hope and help to lead and live a normal everyday life.

Obstetrics and Gynecology


Dr. Greg Banks M.D.

Alabama Women’s Specialist

2006 Brookwood Medical Center Drive

Women’s Medical Plaza Suite 310

Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 877-2121

I have never had a doctor that has been so invested in my care. Dr Banks gives each of his patients the care he would give a loved one. In 2009 I had a very difficult pregnancy that ended tragically. During the difficulties he would always find room in his schedule to see me. Afterwards, he made himself available any time, going so far as to give me his cell phone number if I thought of questions at off hours. Now I am pregnant again, and he has told me to come in whenever I feel I need to be seen. He takes the time to answer all my questions and listen to all my concerns. I know without a doubt that I am getting the best care possible.


Dr. James Brock M.D.

Brookwood Women’s Center

Suite 302 Women’s Medical Plaza

2006 Brookwood Medical Center DR.

Birmingham, AL 35209


Dr. Brock has been my gynecologist for 14 years. From day one he has made me feel like I am part of his family. He listens to you and takes the time to get to know you. A few years ago, I requested a CA125 test, mainly because one of my dear friends was battling ovarian cancer. The results of my test were extremely high. Dr. Brock took an aggressive approach and immediately got me in to see a specialist. He was genuinely concerned and I could tell that he really cared about what happened to me. That kind of care and concern is rare in the physicians world where patients are in and out of appointments within fifteen


Dr. Cynthia Brown M.D.

Sparks and Favor P.C.

Women’s Medical Plaza, Suite 700

2006 Brookwood Medical Center Drive

Birmingham, Alabama 35209

(205) 397-1286

Dr. Brown is phenomenal. Before I had insurance she helped keep my costs down by giving samples and even waived her office fee for one visit when I was having problems. She is always willing to try and help with non-gynecological problems or will recommend a good doctor if needed. I had an unusual side effect after a procedure a couple of years ago. She had not heard of it before, but would not give up until she found out how to help me without more surgery, and she did. I’ll never forget how she hugged me, and told me to hang on, and she would not give up until I was better. I always know that she genuinely cares, and spends time thinking about her patients and their problems even days after their visit. She has advised me more than once, and from my contact with her, I get the feeling she is a strong advocate for women. I am not an eloquent writer, but I hope I convey my belief in Dr. Brown’s genuine concern over her patients. I hope to have her as my doctor for many more years!

As a trauma victim, seeing my GYN is a hazardous endeavor. She has always maintained compassion & understanding as we have traveled through my medical difficulties together. She has even reached out & put her arms around me when times have been especially difficult. I would never been able to continue getting the treatment I needed if it were not for her compassion.


Dr. Alex J. Childs M.D.

OB/Gyn South P.C.

2006 Brookwood Medical Center Dr,

Birmingham, AL 35209


He is one of the kindest and sweetest doctors I have ever had. His bedside manner puts you at ease the minute you meet him. He has a soft tone as well as a caring touch. Having to see him is not something you want to have to need but if you do need to see a doctor in that field, I would highly recommend him.

I have seen Dr Childs since he began practicing at the C. Paul Perry Pelvic Pain Clinic at Brookwood nearly 10 years ago. He has helped me through numerous surgeries in an effort to stay healthy and maintain my fertility. He then helped me through a hysterectomy.


Dr. John Edwards M.D.

Henderson Walton Women’s Center

806 St Vincents Dr,

Birmingham, AL 35205


I have been going to Dr. Edwards for over two years now and he was my doctor throughout my pregnancy. Being my first pregnancy, I had a lot of questions and concerns at each visit. I never felt rushed through my appointments and he always made sure that I left with all questions answered. I have always felt so comfortable with him and would recommend him to anyone. I am looking forward to him being my doctor in years to come.

Dr. Edwards always takes his time and makes you feel very taken care of. He listens to what you have to say and will take time out of his busy day to check on you if needed. Love Dr. Edwards!!


Dr. Stephanie Gong, M.D.

48 Medical Park Dr E Suite 456

Birmingham, AL 35235

(205) 838-6224

I moved to Pell City at the end of my first trimester of my first pregnancy as a nervous wreck (as my first doctor gave me no time for questions and had very little bedside manner). Doctor Stephanie Gong was my doctor after that and I will continue to go see her for every problem henceforth! She immediately asked what my questions and concerns were, got to know my fiancé and myself, and after just our first appointment we were in (doctor) love! She is incredibly personable, accommodating, and informative. Not only did she discuss our baby’s health and wellbeing with us. She went into detail about my delivery and supported my decision to try to go medication free (which I didn’t do!) and even talked to us about our favorite books to read to our precious boy enutero. No questions went unanswered and no appointment was left without a smile. She is supportive and warm, friendly and brilliant. Never before have I felt so comfortable bare-bottomed on a roll of crinkly paper!


Dr. Robert Goolsby M.D.

Sharp and Stone OB/GYN

2700 10th Ave S # 306,

Birmingham, AL 35205

(205) 933-4020

Caring and patient, Dr. Goolsby has been treating me for over 10 years and also sees several members of my family. When he moved his practice from Princeton Hospital to St. Vincent’s we did not hesitate to move with him. He has delivered both of my children (5 & 2 years old) and still has their pictures hanging on his wall. He is very patient and takes his time to get to know you, not only your health but you as a person. I would recommend Dr. Goolsby to anyone that asks and I don’t plan on changing doctors anytime soon!

Dr. Goolsby is a wonderful doctor and a very caring physician to all his patients. He has a genuine concern and care for his patients that’s seen every time I visit. Even his patient’s children are excited when they seen him. He comes highly recommended by other physicians as well. In fact, it was my internal medicine doctor that recommended I give his practice a try several years ago. That was one of the best decisions I’ve made. It’s hard to find a great doctor that you trust and I feel that I have found one of the best doctors out there.


Dr. Christy Heath, M.D.

Birmingham Obstetrics & Gynecology

800 St. Vincent’s Drive

North Tower, Suite 500

Birmingham, AL 35205


Whether I had a routine annual exams or special procedures with this doctor, she and her staff have always taken time to ask how I am doing and ensure they find out the most complete information for my visit. I feel like they care about my health and well-being. And I am the most important patient when I am being seen.


Dr. Alison Heaton, MD

Henderson & Walton Women’s Center

806 St Vincents Dr,

Birmingham, AL 35205


Dr. Heaton takes the time to get to know her patients on a personal level, and genuinely cares about their mental and physical well-being. She never rushes a visit, and is a great listener. She also has excellent clinical skills and uses innovative technology such as robotic surgery. Her bedside manner is impeccable. She has been my physician since I moved to Birmingham 12 years ago, and I will continue to go to her until she retires! I have many doctors who practice closer to my home and work, but I willingly drive to downtown Birmingham to have her take care of me. I am also a healthcare provider, so I can especially recognize and appreciate the level of care and service that Dr. Heaton and her entire team give on a daily basis. She is most deserving of the “Caring Physician” honor!


Dr. Bill Huggins M.D.

Alabama Women’s Specialists

2006 Brookwood Medical Center Dr,

Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 877-5200

Very supportive of mother’s choice to have natural birth. Goes out of his way to ensure his patients are comfortable and well-informed.


Dr. Kathleen Ingram M.D.

Henderson & Walton Women’s Center

806 St Vincents Dr,

Birmingham, AL 35205


She actually takes the time to listen to any concerns you might have, explains things to you in an extremely kind and easy to understand way, and doesn’t make you feel like an idiot for asking questions! She put me completely at ease after having a horrible experience with my first GYN.

Dr. Ingram is so down to earth, takes her time to answer questions and go above and beyond and she makes me feel so comfortable when I go to see her despite it being for OB/GYN needs which can be very awkward and uncomfortable.

Her compassion is second to none. She always listens to your concerns, spends the necessary time with you to make sure all of your questions are answered to your satisfaction. Talking to her is so easy, it is like talking to a family member. Dr. Ingram is totally awesome!


Dr. David McKee M.D.

Birmingham Obstetrics and Gynecology

800 St Vincents Dr,

Birmingham, AL 35205

(205) 933-8334

Dr McKee is a caring and compassionate professional. He always spends the time you need, and never makes you feel rushed through. His kindness and wit have gotten me through some tough times. It’s just so obvious that he really cares about each patient.


Dr. William McKenzie M.D.

OB/Gyn South PC

2006 Brookwood Medical Center Dr,

Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 397-9000

I was referred to Dr. Mckenzie when I began having repeated miscarriages. I am so glad I made that first appointment! Not only did he have a nice manner about him, he also had steps to get me where I wanted to be. At our first meeting he realized that I had endometriosis. He had a plan to fix this problem. Then he told me the steps we would take in order for me and my husband to have a successful pregnancy. After the basic fertility methods produced unsuccessful results, he referred us to the right people. I am now 22 weeks pregnant and feel my pregnancy is important to him as it is to me and my husband. Dr Mckenzie goes the extra mile. He asked to and then did pray for me before surgery, has made us feel welcome to call with any questions, takes as much time as needed at every appointment, and even calls to check on me and my husband as his patients. He is the most caring doctor I have ever had!

Dr. Mack as his patients call him, has been my doctor for over 10 years. When my husband and I discovered it was going to be difficult conceiving a child , Dr.Mack was right there going above and beyond making sure he did everything possible to assist us professionally as well as emotionally. He treats each patient like royalty mad talks to us like old friends. When we did become pregnant mad sadly miscarried, Dr. Mack grieved along side us but encouraged us to not give up. We are now a month away from the birth of our little boy and Dr. Mack has made sure I receive the best possible care during this pregnancy. To have a doctor genuinely express his happiness with you, as well as sadness , means so much to us, I truly am blessed to be his patient .


Dr. Ashley Przybysz   M.D.

Birmingham OB/GYN

800 Saint Vincents Dr Suite 500

Birmingham, AL 35205

(205) 933-8334

She was very hands on during my high risk pregnancy. I had to be on a blood thinner and she personally called me to make sure I was taking the correct dosage. When I was in labor, she personally checked on me every 1-2 hours. During visits, she would listen to all of my questions and took the time to answer them.When my husband was diagnosed with MS during my pregnancy and was having a terrible relapse during labor, she made sure to have him taken care of by nurses during my c-section so he could have the best birth experience despite his MS.

She grieved with my husband and I when we miscarried our twins and rejoiced with us when she delivered our son.

She is the OB that I recommend to everyone.

I have never met a more caring and committed doctor in my 22 years of living. Dr. Przybysz takes the time to talk to her patients and develop a better understanding of specific issues even outside of her practice. She is not only a wonderful doctor, she is a great person and anyone would feel truly blessed to know her.

I have never had a doctor as caring as Dr. Przybysz . Throughout my whole pregnancy she was very cautious and gave me the best care. She would come and check on me in the hospital when she didn’t even have to. She looked after me as a person and not just a patient.I was also hospitalized in 2011 for a Crohn’s surgery and she came to visit me just because. She is always smiling and has her patients best interest at heart. I feel like she saved my pregnancy by listening to me and going above and beyond. She sent me to a high risk doctor for other opinions to give me the best care possible. Those were just a few things. She went above and beyond for me and I can’t think of anyone who deserves this award besides her


Dr. Tomeka Roberts M.D.

2006 Brookwood Medical Center Dr,

Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 451-0753

Dr. Roberts is the best doctor I have ever visited. She truly cares about me as a person and goes above and beyond with making me comfortable and treats me like family.I had an issue a couple years ago that my previous doctor could not cure. I kept going back multiple times with no results. Then I visited Dr. Roberts and she cured my problem in one visit.

Dr. Roberts has the most caring spirit out of all the doctors I have seen in the past. I can always depend on her to listen to my issues and explain in detail about what is the best decision for my body. Her knowledge and expertise allows me to trust her judgment and comply with her recommendations and treatment.


Dr. Charles Robinett M.D.

Alabama Women’s Specialists

2006 Brookwood Medical Ctr Dr

Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 877-2802 (Office)

Oldest practicing obstetrician delivering babies in Alabama. He is amazing. He has made a huge impact in so many lives.


Dr. Timothy Stone   M.D.

Sharp & Stone

2700 10th Ave S # 306,

Birmingham, AL 35205

(205) 933-4020

Dr. Stone is absolutely amazing. Always calm, very professional and very down to earth. I cannot imagine using another doctor.

Dr. Ashley Tamucci M.D.

Alabama Women’s Care

2006 Brookwood Medical Ctr Dr

Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 877-2802 (Office)

Ashley is one of the MOST caring physicians I have ever had. She takes the time to listen to her patients; including me, the occasional hypochondriac. She really listens to what the patient has to say, particularly when it comes to how health is being impacted by one’s social environment (eg work, family, etc). She is always available, always asks about work life balance, and is simply the best medical practitioner out there. I have referred all of my friends to her, and my friends all love her as well!!! She truly deserves this award!


Dr. Ronishia Thomas M.D.

Brookwood Women’s Diagnostic

2006 Brookwood Medical Center Dr,

Birmingham, AL 35209


Dr. Thomas really takes the time to listen, understand and more importantly treat her patients with expert care. After visting with her, she sits down and talks with you about your overall condition and avails herself to answer any questions you may have about your health. She will allay any fears or concerns you may have and offers down to earth suggestions for More importantly, when Dr. Thomas takes the time to actually “pray” with her patients, asking God to guide her hands through any upcoming procedure that is rare these days. That is just that extra healing professionalism that a patient needs to have full and complete confidence in their healthcare professional. Dr. Thomas is warm, personable, extremely professional and her expertise is just one of the reasons why I consider her to be one of the best doctors around, especially in her field.WE LOVE HER!!!!




Dr. Brian Adler M.D.

Alabama Oncology

2022 Brookwood Medical Ctr Dr Suite 628

Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 870-4783 (Office)

During my battle with cancer Dr Adler was honest and cared about everything that I was going through during my illness. He would call after hours to check on me or give me test results, and even now 5 years later he still takes each concern I have as important. I see how he cares for other patients.


Dr. Jimmie Harvey M.D.

Alabama Oncology

880 Montclair Rd Suite 675

Birmingham, AL 35213

(205) 592-5077

He saved my life! When I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 36, I was a single mom with 3 children ages 10, 7 and 6. He told me I would be fine and to enjoy anything that didn’t make me feel sick. Dr. Harvey gave me his cell phone number which comforted me knowing I could call anytime; even though I never had to use it! To deal with patients whose diagnosis is mostly cancer….it takes a special person, but it takes a superb doctor to make those patients feel comfortable and safe.


Dr. Donna Saltzman M.D.

UAB Oncology/Hematology

2000 6th Ave S

Birmingham, AL 35233

(205) 934-8000 (Office)

Dr. Saltzman and her team saved my life when my Bone Marrow Transplant developed problems.




Dr. John Mason III,   M.D.

Retina Consultants Of Alabama

700 18th St S Suite 707

Birmingham, AL 35233

(205) 918-0047 (Office

Dr. Mason has saved or improved the vision of countless people. He is extremely caring and easy to talk with. He treats patients with a very thorough and confident manner. While he has every reason to be confident; he never breaks the barrier between confidence and arrogance.


Dr. Marc Michelson M.D.

Michelson Laser Vision Inc

327 Summit Blvd

Vestavia, AL 35243

(205) 969-8100

He is an excellent, experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate doctor. Simply the best we have!!


Dr. Roswell Pfister M.D.

Pfister Vision Correction Center

2198 Columbiana Rd Suite 200

Vestavia Hills, AL 35216

(205) 877-2837

Forty years ago I was diagnosed with an incurable eye disease. I was legally blind in my left eye and vision was gradually fading in my right eye. I was devastated! I thought I was ready for the world having just graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree. I passed





Dr. Michael S. Billitz   OD

5919 Trussville Crossings Pkwy

Birmingham, AL 35235

(205) 661-1975

Because he explains, thoroughly, what is going on. He presents all your options and then gives his recommendation. He puts things in laymen’s terms so you have a complete understanding of your condition before you leave.He very personable and gets to know his patients, asking about family, etc. If you have you child(-ren) with you, he always incorporates them into the conversation(s) somehow.


Dr. Lori Jasper   OD

NowVision Eye Care

2226 1st Ave S Suite 103

Birmingham, AL 35233

(205) 777-5572 (Office)

Dr. Jasper is awesome with taking her time to educate her patients on how to take care of their eyes, and she doesn’t rush through the exam visits to make sure you feel comfortable when getting your eyes check. Superior customer service is what anyone can expect from Dr. Jasper.

She takes her time and does a great job and is always willing to explain to you exactly what’s going on. And she says it in a way that’s easy to understand. She is also very knowledgable about her field. She cares about how you feel and she cares about how you look. She won’t just sell you glasses that don’t look good on you. Also she’s funny!




Dr. Dominique V. Backus , DDS

Backus Braces

3507 Old Montgomery Hwy,

Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 879-0557

There is nothing more important to Dr. Backus than ensuring the very best care and a personal relationship with her patients and families. She knows that choosing an orthodontist is a family decision. She strives to make everyone feel as though they are a part of her family, all while treating the patient as the most important person in the room.Her genuine spirit and giving heart shine through in her work inside and outside the office. She is an active member of organizations such as The Bell Center Service Guild, UCP Civiettes, The Amelia Center, and local schools. Because if it is important to and benefits her patients, then it is important to her. In her office, she has a sign that reads, “Enter as strangers, Leave as friends,” and that is truly what we felt like after our first visit.


Dr. Clark Browne DMD

Clark Browne Orthodontics

201 Montgomery Hwy,

Vestavia Hills, AL 35216

(205) 978-1500

One of the best things to wear in life is a smile. Dr. Browne ensures his patients are able to smile comfortably and confidently. Wearing braces sometimes isn’t fun, especially as an adult, but knowing I will soon be able to smile without trying to hide my teeth brings great happiness to me. Dr. Browne is very personable with all his patients. He cares about he health of your teeth and the patient as a whole. All of his appointments are started on time and he is very thorough during the appointment. Dr. Browne is an AWESOME orthodontist!




Dr. David Shane Buggay M.D

OrthoSports Associates

833 St Vincents Dr,

Birmingham, AL 35205

(205) 939-0447

Dr. Buggay is a very talented Orthopedic surgeon. But what makes him special to me is his sincere interest in his patients. He is not in a rush, like some doctors, but takes time to explain things in detail. He also takes time to get to know you, shows concern for you and is very personable. I have friends who have gone to him and everything I have heard is very, very positive!


Dr. Theodis Buggs M.D.

Princeton Orthopedics

817 Princeton Ave SW #108,

Birmingham, AL 35211

(205) 783-7830

He’s caring. He’s professional. He’s innovative. He’s respected. He gives back to the community a lot. His personality and bedside manners are impeccable. He’s a super doctor and ALL of his patients love him to pieces!!!! He has written many many articles and received thousands of recognitions.


Dr. Sophia Lal M.D.

Fagan Sports Medicine

3125 Independence Dr Suite 300A

Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 879-8206 (Office)

Dr. Lal, as a competitive triathlete, herself, has a deep understanding not only of the injury and necessary steps to healing,   but the need and desire of her patient to get back to their sport in a safe but timely manner. She listens to the situation, both the physical condition as well as the mental challenge it is causing the patient and why it is such a challenge to be out of the athletic routine. She spends the time identifying with this and gives a direct plan. Other sports medicine physicians or orthopedics I have been a patient of were telling me things like: “time to stop tennis, time to stop running, time to stop skiing.” Dr. Lal uses her profession to “get me BACK on the courts, road, snow and water” and I have been ever since. We are a team.


Dr. Steven R Nichols M.D.

Andrews Sports Medicine

805 St Vincents Dr #100,

Birmingham, AL 35205

(205) 939-3699

When it comes to rebuilding shoulders, the man is just quite simply a magician. A no- nonsense magician.


Dr. Jeffery Wade   M.D.

Alabama Orthopedic Center

3525 Independence Dr,

Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 802-6700

Been my doctor for more than ten years. During recent surgery showed utmost care and supervision of my care and services during entire process.   Excellent bedside manner. Made extra trip to hospital to check me. Aftercare visits, spends plenty of time explaining and answering questions . Not just a number. Really impressed my family as well.


Pediatric Neurology


Dr. Leon Dure M.D.

UAB Dept of Neruology / Children’s Hospital

1600 7th Ave S # 600ACC,

Birmingham, AL 35233

(205) 996-7850

Dr. Dure is amazing. I have a chronically ill child and we see about 5 different doctors. Dr. Dure is so caring. He is good with my child and good with this nervous mama. BEST THING….you can shoot him an email and HE WILL RETURN IT WITHIN MINUTES…no matter where he is…home or the other side of the country. He is incredible!!!




Dr. John Cortopassi M.D.

Greenvale Pediatrics Hoover

5295 Preserve Pkwy, Suite 100


AL, 35244

(205) 987-4444

My daughter Allie has Down syndrome. Dr. “CORTO” as he is well known to his patients and their families simply the best! I could go on and on but he’s done so many things for the Birmingham down’s syndrome population. He is the most caring, thorough, competent pediatrician on the planet.


Dr. Robert A. Levin M.D.

Alabama Pediatrics

2815 Independence Dr,

Birmingham, AL 35209


When our twins were born prematurely at 32 weeks, we had specific health care concerns on top of “typical” first-time parent questions and worries. Our family found the pediatric care we needed with Dr. Robert Levin and Alabama Pediatrics. Dr. Levin is a fabulous, caring physician — not only for our children, but also in guiding us along on the journey of parenthood. He is wise, caring, intuitive, and has a wonderful sense of humor, a skill set we need just as much now as we did in those early days when our boys were discharged from the NICU. Dr. Levin is the perfect pediatrician for our family. He listens carefully to our concerns and questions, engages with our children, and treats us with grace and dignity on every visit. Our twins are now healthy 4-year-olds, and we are thankful to have had Dr. Levin shepherding their health care needs all along the way. We can’t say enough good things about him!


Dr. Jennifer McCain M.D.

Mayfair Medical Group

3401 Independence Dr,

Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 870-1273

Dr. McCain makes you feel like your child is her only patient that day.


Dr. Elizabeth Peters M.D.

Mayfair Medical Group

3401 Independence Dr,

Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 870-1273

Dr. Peters is hands down one of the most loved Pediatrician’s around. She personally gets to know each and every patient and knows all about each family member, whether they are a patient of hers or not. Dr. Peters will drop whatever she is doing and devote her time to you even when she is not “on-call” or working. While working as a pediatrician, Dr. Peters and her husband have raised three wonderful sons. These are three of the most well-mannered, smart, and fun, children around. Dr. Peters cares about each patient’s health but also about how their life is going in general; not only for the children attending the visit but also the parents. She cares about each and every person around her. The city of Birmingham, specifically Homewood, would not be the same without Dr. Peters. Whether it is in the doctors office, at church, or at the baseball field, Dr. Peters has managed to make an impact on children and parents all around the city of Birmingham.


Dr. Richard Smith M.D.

Vestavia Pediatrics

1936 Old Orchard Rd


AL, 35216

(205) 978-3200

~ My 4 yr old son dropped to the ground on July 26, 2006. He was rushed to Children’s . After evaluation, he had a brain bleed. They did emergency brain surgery. My wonderful neurosurgeon asked if I had questions. I asked if knew my pediatrician, Dr. Richard Smith. He said he did. I asked him to let him know. The next morning about 5 am. Dr. Smith came to the bedside. He sat with us for awhile. He also was willing to listen and assure us about his continued care at anytime….until he retired. My family of four children were very blessed to have such a caring and compassionate pediatrician.


Dr. Jeff Stone M.D.

Hoover Greenvale Pediatric

1809 Data Dr

Birmingham, AL 35244

(205) 987-4444

Dr. Stone always has great bedside manner with our daughters, making them more relaxed and reassured they are in good hands.Although their physical needs are his first priority, he makes sure to ask them about school, soccer, etc., and seems truly interested in their well being.


Dr. Anne Thiele M.D.

Midtown Pediatrics

1400 4th Ave S


AL, 35233

(205) 638-5010

Dr. Thiele is a pediatrician at Midtown Pediatrics. She has been pediatrician to both our sons and has always shown great caring in everything she does. Dr. Thiele has called our home after regular working hours not just after an operation or big event, but after even smaller tumbles or sore throats. Our youngest son has a bone condition, osteochondroma. Dr. Thiele has checked on him, talked with him and our family and generally made all of us feel more at ease with the situation all while educating us on the condition. She talked with him about school and his desires for the future. She is without doubt the most fabulous pediatrician I have ever met.


Tracy Tindle

Children’s Medical Group

2316 7th Ave S # 100,

Birmingham, AL 35233

(205) 251-4141

Children’s Medical Group is located near St. Vincent’s hospital. Despite a death of their lifelong partnering doctor and a retirement, Dr. Tindle has vowed to keep the service there small-biz and personal.The parking is easy with a covered drive and the nurses are always kind and helpful.


Dr. Melissa Wilson M.D.

Over the Mountain Pediatrics

3300 Cahaba Rd Suite 102

Birmingham, AL 35223

(205) 870-7292 (Office)

Kindest lady all day, every day My son is 17 and he still prefers Dr. Wilson !


Plastic Surgery                    


Dr. Alvin Cohn   M.D.

Grotting and Cohn Plastic Surgery

1 Inverness Parkway suite 100

Birmingham, AL 35242


I first met Dr Cohn in January 2012, after being diagnosed for the second time with breast cancer. My consult with him was very thorough . He explained to me in detail about the surgery risks as well as the turn around for healing. It was a very tough time in my life being a single parent, my son was having a hard time going through this ordeal with me. Dr. Cohn was always upbeat and the best bedside manners. If I was depressed going into my appointment, I always came out in good spirits and feeling happy. I lost my job a couple of months after my first reconstruction surgery, I explained to him I would no longer have insurance. Dr. Cohn told me he started out with me and his concern was to make sure he completed all of my surgeries and it didn’t matter whether I had insurance or not. He only wanted me to focus on healing. Dr. Cohn’s staff is just as caring as he is. He has such a kindred spirit and has a way of making you feel beautiful even when you’re having a not so good day.

Dr. Cohn is very particular and skilled in his work he is very much a perfectionist, he is open and HONEST in everything he knows about the procedures, he has a warm, caring, calming ,attitude with his clients .Trust is the best word I can think of , you much have the utmost TRUST in your plastic surgeon.


Dr. James C. Grotting   M.D.

Grotting and Cohn Plastic Surgery

1 Inverness Parkway suite 100

Birmingham, AL 35242


I’ve been a patient of Dr. Grotting for over 10 years. He is a man of great integrity. He keeps you informed. He goes to great lengths to make sure you understand everything about the procedure you are getting. He tells you what the realistic results will be, no hype, just the facts. He never acts like he is in a hurry to get to the next patient. It’s always like you are the only patient he has. He treats you like you are family. He is a wonderful and caring person, and did I mention, he is the best plastic surgeon too. His staff is very caring too. Very professional and well trained . These are just a few of the reasons I think Dr. Grotting is ” Most Caring Phyician”.

Dr. Grotting is not only a skilled artisan, amazingly talented and precise, but he is also empathetic, witty and endlessly reassuring and calm. He performed a reconstruction procedure for me that other doctors said could not be done – I learned he had pioneered the operation. The results were everything I hoped for. Dr. Grotting heals and repairs spirits, as well as bodies.


Dr. Daniel Rousso M.D.

Rousso Facial Plastic Surgery

2700 U.S. 280 #300w,

Mountain Brook, AL 35223

(205) 930-9595

Great job at making you look natural and not “done” I feel more confident by the day after having my procedure done. Thank you Dr. Rousso!

He and his staff were amazing, walked me through every step of the process, I felt like I was in terrific hands every step of the way, informed and confident I made the right choices!




Dr. Charles R. Oehrlein   DPM

Alabama Podiatry

2321 John Hawkins Pkwy #121,

Hoover, AL 35226

(205) 271-7620

Dr. Oehrlein is not only my personal podiatrist but travels to Episcopal Place, a non profit organization that serves low income senior citizens and persons with disabilities every other month to provide the residents with services. Dr. Oehrlein has always been available when a resident has had questions and also when someone needed help financially. He is so gentle, gracious,compassionate, and kind. He always cleans up the area where he performs his service at Episcopal Place and is so willing to stay when residents are late or need extra help. Dr. Oehrlein is also very sociable and understands the elderly population and their need to talk and be with some even if it is a doctor. Dr. Oehrlein is always on time and prepared and listens to his patients. He has been treating me for about 6 months and has been coming to Episcopal Place for more than a year. There is no better doctor to nominate for Caring Physician.




Dr. Russell Beaty   M.D.

Pulmonary Associates

880 Montclair Rd,

Birmingham, AL 35213

(205) 802-2000

He is our primary doctor for my entire family. He’s thorough, knowledge and extremely caring. He was my Momma’s primary doctor and actually found her breast cancer which is not his speciality. Very thorough. Although, she lost her battle from triple-negative breast cancer, he stayed by her side and even though he wasn’t an oncologist. He checked on her status daily, comforted her and my family. He went beyond the call of duty as a caring Physician and even came to my momma’s funeral. I’m certain that she would highly nominate him as well.


Dr. Gustavo DuBois M.D.

Alabama Sleep and Lung Medicine

2018 Brookwood Medical Center Dr #115,

Birmingham, AL 35209

(205) 802-6186

Dr. DuBois is one of those rare doctors who actually knows and cares about each and every patient. He always takes time to listen to me and explain his thoughts about my care. Even with an office full of patients, when it’s my turn, he focuses completely on me and my care needs.

He thinks to ask after my family, even years later. I happen to know that he helps countless people financially or with acts of service, expecting nothing in return. He even sponsors the education of several students. He deeply cares about his staff, as is evidenced by their love and long commitment to working with him. He has started up successful businesses outside of his own practice. Yet, when the subject of retiring comes up, he says,”I just love working with my patients. I’ve known some of them for a very long time and wouldn’t want to leave them.” Dr. DuBois considers himself very lucky to be a Dr. But I know we are all very fortunate to be cared for by this kind, patient, Intelligent, thoughtful man.


Dr. William C. Hays M.D.

Birmingham Pulmonary Group

2660 10th Ave S # 528,

Birmingham, AL 35205

(205) 933-9258

Dr. Hays works at St. Vincent’s. He has been treating my father in the ICU for the past 5 weeks. I know he is busy but he always takes the time to show me the x-rays and discuss the progress. If I am not in the hospital when he does his rounds, he takes the time to call me and give me an update personally. Out of all the doctors I have dealt with through my dad’s illness, Dr. Hays is the only one that really talks to me.


Dr. Patricia E. Patterson M.D.

Birmingham Pulmonary Group

2660 10th Ave S # 528,

Birmingham, AL 35205

(205) 933-9258

Not only is Dr Patterson a wonderful and knowlegable doctor, she is a passionate and caring. She takes the time to explain every little detail concerning your illness, and will spend what ever time that is required (weekends included) to insure your recovery. She truly shows that she cares about her patients. She deserves the highest praise that can be given for her care and prayers.


Radiation Oncology


Dr. Jennifer De Los Santos M.D.

The Kirklin Clinic at Acton Road

2145 Bonner Way

Birmingham, AL 35243

(205) 978-0250 (Office)

was disgnosed at 29 yrs old and 22 weeks pregnant with breast cancer. She has been the doctor “in my corner” from day one. I remember her holding my hand while in a room full of drs discussing the severity of my condition when I was first diagnosed and diagnosed and terrified. I have had 2 rounds of radiation since then, once in the breast area and another in my spine where the cancer spread to, and along this entire journey this doctor has been totally devoted to keeping me alive. We have a common bond as mothers and she feels like a friend to me. I have heard from MULTIPLE people how incredible she is as a person and a dr, and I recommend Dr. “D” for ANYONE going through cancer. She is confident in her work and VERY aggressive at eradicating cancer. She is truly a jewel in our outstanding medical community in the Birmingham area.




Dr. David McLain M.D.

McLain Medical Associates, PC

2229 Cahaba Valley Dr

Birmingham, AL 35242

(205) 991-8996 (Office)

He has taken excellent care of me. I am 38, have RA and lupus and had two high risk pregnancies that he was able to help me bring to fruition after a devastating miscarriage. He let’s patients email him, even on weekends. He’s simply amazing.He has helped numerous girlfriends of mine get better after autoimmune illness diagnosis, so that we can lead normal lives and take care of our children. We are young women who volunteer in the community, Junior League members, mothers and wives. We are able to live life to the fullest thanks to him.

Dr. McLain’s patients are poorly understood and often treated symptomatically, instead of systemically. They complain of muscle and joint pain, fatigue, rash, and unusual blemishes that disappear by the time the patient gets to a doctor. The patients often can explain little except to say that they “feel terrible” and they were once very active. These patients are “puzzles” to most doctors, and doubted by some. He does not dismiss these sometimes vague symptoms because he knows they may be signs of very serious, but treatable diseases. With deliberate probing and diagnostic tests, Dr. McLain is able to diagnose, prescribe a livable treatment, and make patients comfortable with their disease. He gives hope to people who are diagnosed with things like lupus, scleroderma and rheumatoid arthritis. These diseases wax and wane, making patients uneasy to plan important events; he convinces them to carry on. He encourages living with limitations and making the most of what you are given


Dr. Paul Anthony Saway M.D.

Rheumatology Associates PC

2145 Highland Ave S Suite 200

Birmingham, AL 35205

(205) 933-0320 (Office)

Dr. Saways’ professional, caring manner is the definition of Caring Physician. When his office is filled with patients, he still spends a lengthy amount of time with each patient. Dr. Saway really listens and is genuinely interested in each patient. Sitting in his office in extreme pain, he broke the news to me I would not be able to return to my nursing job at U.A.B. I was not prepared to hear for this. Being a nurse was my life and I loved my job and coworkers. As I broke down and cried. He cried too. He prayed with me as I left his office. The compassion shown to me that day and with every visit to his office, I know I am the hands of a Physician who truly cares. I sincerely hope he receives this award!





Dr. Thomas E. Moody M.D.

Urology Centers of Alabama

2660 10th Ave S,

Birmingham, AL 35205

(205) 930-0920

Dr. Thomas E. Moody is a dedicated and caring physician who has made an enormous difference in the lives of prostate cancer patients in Alabama, a state which ranks third in prostate cancer deaths for all races and first in prostate cancer deaths for African-Americans.In addition to being a distinguished urologist in Birmingham for many years, Dr. Moody has served as President of the Urology Health Foundation, a local non-profit organization dedicated to providing free prostate cancer screenings to men in underserved areas of the State. Since 2007, the Foundation has screened thousands of men free for prostate cancer in 18 different Alabama counties, many of which are in the Black Belt Region of the State. WebMD the Magazine has honored Dr. Moody as one of its Health Heroes. According to WebMD, these awards are intended to “celebrate visionary Americans who met a health challenge and gave back to others in an inspiring way.”


Vascular Surgery


Dr. Timothy Parrish M.D.

Varicosis and Laser Center of Alabama

3055 Lorna Rd,

Birmingham, AL 35216

(205) 822-6333

Dr. Parish opened up the first dedicated vein treatment center in Alabama in 1995. I have been a patient of his for over 15 years and his expertise and skill have helped me control my ugly varicose veins. He is very thorough and I have complete trust that he wall always do what is in my best interest.

In Memoriam: Dr. John Kingsley M.D.

Alabama Vascular and Vein Center

700 Montgomery Hwy #210,

Vestavia Hills, AL 35216

(205) 823-0151

Because he is caring and a real human being that puts the welfare of the patient first.

Dr. Kingsley is one of the most caring and generous doctors out there! He is also very compassionate about his patients and his practice. He is also one of the best doctors to work for in Birmingham! I love doctor Kingsley, he is truly one of the best around!


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