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Sleeping Apart | Bad Match | Grammar Girl

Sleeping Apart Micah, What are the dangers to a marriage in having two separate bedrooms?  My husband is a kicker and a snorer.  I get so little sleep that often I am irritable and probably not the best wife anyway.  Doesn’t it say something about our marriage to have separate bedrooms?  What do you think… Read More

Dog Days | All the Frustration and None of the Sex | Nix the Ex

  Dog Days Dear Ask Micah, We want to get a dog. My wife says that it has to be crated all day while we are at work, but I say that if properly trained it doesn’t have to be. We decided to let you handle this one. Pete Dear Pete, I know that loads… Read More

Mona the Mommy | The Elephant ( or Donkey) in the Room | My New Irritating Girlfriend

Mona the Mommy? Dear Micah, My husband and I have debated whether or not we want children for a several years.  In the first years of marriage we were discovering each other and developing our careers which was our primary focus.  We have been together now for almost ten years and the discussion is becoming… Read More

Case of the Coveted Parrots | The Tantrum Tension | Bye Bye, Kitty Litter

Case of the Coveted Parrots Dear Ask Micah, I am feeling hurt and betrayed by my family. 7 months ago my grandmother died. She was a very special woman to all of us and the glue that held our family together. We all respected her. No matter what problems we might have with each other,… Read More

Get Grandma To Do It | Staying in Love | Going for Broke

Get Grandma To Do It Micah, I am grandmother to three wonderful grandchildren whom I love more than anything in this world. I do a lot to help out because my two daughters have demanding jobs and neither have mates who are still in the picture. It’s amazing how quickly “favors” become expectations. I am… Read More

Terms of Endearment | Righting Wrongs | Bad Customer

What do I call a 65 year old lady who is dating my father? The term “girlfriend” seems out of place. In this day and age why can’t we come up with a new term for older dating people?

Life’s a Bitch | Making the Cut | To Forgive Is Not Necessarily Divine

Life’s a Bitch Dear Micah, Here it is… My husband left me for somebody else in the not too distant past. My daughter just told me two days ago that she is pregnant at 17. My mother has a chronic illness and there is only my sister and I to care for her. And I… Read More

Sister, Sister | Secret Divorce | Playdates With the Ex

Sister, Sister Dear Micah, There is no better friend I have on this earth than my sister Becca. We have always done everything together. Even after we got married, her family and my family were always together. I have two kids and she has two kids, and our kids are really close too. Five months… Read More

The Formal Father | All Things are Not Equal | Sentimental Shrubbery

The Formal Father Micah, I would consider this more of a venting than seeking advice. Just wondered what you think of the situation. My son is on a team, I won’t say which because some people are going to recognize this story and know what I’m talking about. Sometimes the players and their parents get… Read More

A Wasted Summer | Does Mother Know Best? | Professional Payback

A Wasted Summer Dear Ask Micah, Summer just started and my son is already wasting his! He sits inside and reads or watches TV or plays his damn Xbox. I try to get him to go outside and do something with neighborhood kids and he won’t. When I was his age you couldn’t get me… Read More