When the Internet becomes too much of a good thing. By April Jones The Internet is without a doubt a double-edged sword. It is a highway of technology that has expedited our ability to explore and expound knowledge. It can not only be an incredible resource, but also a tool of mass destruction. As most… Read More

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors And healthy boundaries make for healthy relationships. By April Jones Spring, the time of year when nature and humanity begins to emerge from a deep slumber, stretching limbs, and regaining a breath of energy and awareness. It’s the time when many begin to prepare and plant gardens, plan outdoor projects,… Read More

Find Your Partners, Ladies and Gents

But understand how to look for them. By April Jones There has always been, and will always be a constant struggle to figure out where and how we fit into one another’s lives—especially between man and woman. It is a complex dance. Once established in the footwork, which can initially appear awkward and unsightly, we… Read More

A No Excuse New Year

Start this year fresh. Start it right. By April Jones New Year’s….just saying it brings about a sense of excitement, hope and promise. There is something so gratifying to closing a year, whether good or bad, and beginning a new one. We celebrate the arrival with glitter and glamor, champagne and noise makers. It’s like… Read More

Misunderstood Mistletoe

More than just a Christmas tradition. By April Jones ‘Tis the season when Christmas décor is pulled from its slumbering boxes; tinsel is pulled strand by strand; and the house is aglow. Among many homes, you will find boughs of mistletoe bound by lovely ribbon, hung throughout the corridors and doorways. These delicate evergreens linger… Read More

The Platitude of Gratitude

Go beyond just being thankful. by April Jones As the year draws near its end, we come upon the season of gratitude and Thanksgiving. It is a time when we begin to reflect and plan to give. But for many, this season is difficult. It can be hard to find or express gratitude when we… Read More

The Power of Pumpkin

A fruit of many facets. by April Jones It’s that time of year again. The air begins to shift, the leaves begin to change and people begin to decorate their homes with the beauty of corn stalks, hay stacks, brightly colored mums and pumpkins. I’m not sure when this trend began, but I must confess,… Read More

Healthy Choice

Eat right. Feel Better. By April Jones It never fails that as the temperature shifts and school begins, so do the many colds and coughs that we and our children must endure. As we go from a season of longer days in the sunshine to one spent indoors, we are once again exposed to that… Read More

Dare to Dream

The journey forward. By April Jones You know, until you’ve been left to decide whether to stay or go, this idea of loving something enough to walk away doesn’t seem as complicated as it actually is. You hear it said all the time, but what does that even mean? Who does that?  Until you’ve actually… Read More

Pour Me Another…

Water, that is! by April Jones Water was designed by its very essence to comfort, cleanse and nourish. It is powerful, essential and often highly undervalued as a part of our diets. With the ability to hydrate, rejuvenate and promote healing, water is not only a sustainer of life, but a provider. It is no… Read More


Strong men and present fathers. By April Jones Since June is a time to honor fathers, I thought it appropriate to encourage the men in our lives. This is, however, just as much for women as it is for men. I’ll warn you this piece comes from a true “Daddy’s Girl.” I know everyone doesn’t… Read More