Partners in Crime

I’m sure many of you know that Birmingham lost a great person recently. When Alex Sokol passed away, the Internet was flooded with photos, comments, and tributes.

Holiday Hopeful

Happy New Year, my friends. I hope you live it up this year like it’s still the roaring ’0s. If you need suggestions for a resolution, I have an oldie but a goodie: Exercise, lose weight, and drink less. When those resolutions fail for you, call me. We can go out for a good wined-down Wednesday and some steaks.

What you talkin’ ‘bout?

Have you ever gotten the feeling when you’re talking to your friend over coffee that she’s actually planning her grocery list, thinking about what color to paint the bathroom, or dreaming of a basket of puppies dressed up in nautical attire? If all you can talk about is men and relationships, then your hunch is probably dead on.

Love Yourself

No, not that. Be your own best friend. By Paget Pizitz   Louis the cat has done very little of note the past few months. He ate a carrot, figured out how to turn the oven to broil and learned that he has to find time consuming hobbies, as mom is rarely home anymore to… Read More

Romance on the Back Burner?

Finding what you love can be as important as finding who you love. By Paget Pizitz Well, it’s May. There are a few reasons to celebrate this month. First, it’s my birthday: happy 58th to me. With a little botox and some Jergens tan towels, I don’t look a day over 50. Second, Louis the… Read More

Kid Tested

Put children first in the dating equation. By Paget Pizitz First, I want to preemptively apologize now for the brevity of this column, as I already know it is going to be short and sweet but, as always, rarely to the point. Perhaps some of you will breathe a sigh of relief knowing my words… Read More

Let Your Flag Fly

Let Your Flag Fly   Crazy cannot be concealed (for long). By Paget Pizitz Seeing as this column was due approximately three days ago, I am going to spare you the opening paragraph about Louis the cat because I can actually sum it up with much brevity. I delivered him to the vet today and… Read More

Questions of the Heart

Jeez, that sounds dramatic. By Paget Pizitz Well, Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you are all so in love that you fall down on Cupid’s arrow and it splits open your pancreas and you spend February 14th in the emergency room eating cafeteria food hoping you don’t bleed out before you get your dozen roses… Read More

Happy Whatever

But here are few encouraging words. By Paget Pizitz Happy 2010 my friends! It’s a New Year so let’s celebrate and make this one count! Really, try to put the best foot forward and be the most wonderful version of yourself you can be. Take your bad habits, replace them with healthier ones, rid yourself… Read More


The one and only… By Paget Pizitz I’m a Jew and Louis the cat is a Jew. However, we both turn into giddy school kids during the Christmas season. The lights, furious angry crowds frantically buying last minute thoughtless presents, holiday parties with cocktail shrimp platters, Christmas Vacation on loop, and the dogs in mountain… Read More

What are Words For?

The communications business has done little to help us understand one another. By Paget Pizitz If you have a fleeting attention span, November’s column will be perfect for you. As I write this, I’m on a flight to Berlin to meet my friend Macreadie and his beastly Russian boyfriend, Dmitri. I sense that Robin from… Read More