Digital City

Protect Yourself

Privacy is poised to become an even bigger issue in 2014 than it was in 2013. It’s easy to see the reason for concern following the discovery of data breaches at both Target and Neiman Marcus late last year.

More Innovation

Tech moves forward. by André Natta   A conversation with Devon Laney will leave you excited about what the future holds for Birmingham and its tech realm. Laney, the Innovation Depot’s current chief operating officer, will become its new president when Susan Matlock steps down from that post later this year. According to their website,… Read More

I Predict

New things brought by the new year. by André Natta   It’s the time of year when some of us with tech-based columns start to make predictions about what’s to come. It can become quite noisy, and most times, it leads to a lot of wild guesses. Here’s my take on what we can expect…. Read More


Curtis Palmer received an invitation to attend a ribbon cutting ceremony for ProctorU’s Pelham offices in March 2012. The former president of TechBirmingham, the nonprofit organization tasked with nurturing the local tech scene, had been serving as an unofficial mentor for the company while doing consulting projects across the country.

Wired for Food

One thing I’ve been forever grateful for during my time in Birmingham is the area’s love of food. We’re a little spoiled considering the number of dining options available to us on a given night (not to mention the number of James Beard-nominated establishments). It can be difficult to choose where to go and what to eat. Enter the collective mind of the Internet.


Entrepreneur Brian Cauble has found success by filling a niche with quality products. by André Natta As we’re sitting in a corner of downtown’s Innovation Depot earlier this summer, it’s apparent that Brian Cauble is driven and focused. He’s also calm and willing to share himself with others. He and co-founder Andria Jensen have been… Read More

Say it With Video

Which platform works for you? by André Natta You may notice folks are holding their smartphones up just a little bit longer nowadays. They might be experimenting with shutter speeds on their camera app (by the way, yes, it is possible to do so), but it’s more than likely they’re attempting to capture a moment… Read More

In Your Back Pocket

Getting everything you really need onto your smartphone. by André Natta There are many of us who cannot go anywhere without our smartphone. We already rely on it as a news source, photo album, and music player. We do use it as a communications device, though it could be for sending tweets, texts, or status… Read More

The Same Hymnal

Voices are stronger in unison. by André Natta Three years ago I had the opportunity to participate in the first ever CityCamp in Chicago. The digital initiative is based on the OpenGov movement suggesting that data needs to be available to the general public in a way that lets everyone “sing from the same hymnal”… Read More

Labors of Love

Labors of Love Sharing the city from the heart–and the keyboard. by André Natta Everywhere you turn in Birmingham you can find digital outlets staking their claims to a piece of the content-consuming pie. It’s become extremely easy to launch a site, or a profile on a social network. The lesson many are learning is… Read More

Birmingham in the Spotlight

Seeing ourselves through the eyes of others. by André Natta One of the unexpected results of watching the city as it reacts to increased media coverage during the commemoration of the events of 1963 is how it tends to look at itself. I spent 11 years of my life in Savannah, GA, including living through… Read More