Hush Amanda

Once, twice…three times a lady

Someone once took offense to me calling them a “lady”. Not in the good table manners kind of way, but more so in the “you are a female, and I am a female, so… I’m going to call you ‘lady’” direction. Perhaps, in hindsight, it wasn’t the best choice of words, but either way it… Read More

Divorce is really hard on men…

Divorce seems to be hot topic with me as of… oh, the last year. I’ve gone through one, my best friend has, several friends and, I’ve found, other random strangers who love sharing their story over an adult beverage. Women seem to deal with it via large amounts of martinis, truckloads of food, new shoes,… Read More

How to Build a Mafia

At the bottom of my 20-something page document, each branding my “AOZ” initials, a few full signatures and a whole lot of dates, came a separation. I, being of married body, became one in singular form again. With that, I also “divorced” a set of parents, a sister and brother-in-law and other assorted family and… Read More

A Months Past

I took an emotional hit at the same time life winds blew hardest through the state I call home. It meant something to me, an experience, one of those special “remember what you were doing when” moments that place each of our lives into a timeline. Our timeline. Mine took a hard left on the… Read More

Typos Happen

“What’s your policy on typos,” asked a friend of mine via Facebook chat one day. “Uh. TELL ME RIGHT NOW SO I CAN CORRECT IT,” if memory serves, was my answer. I’m not sure who, at some point, decided that being one of those “I can never be corrected” people was healthy, and to be… Read More

The 6-year-old Civilization

This really weird thing has happened. Well, two weird things as Chase is running around the house screaming “i fownd a nudder a-wee-in (alien)! it was in my roooom!” (I’ve only stepped on it twice. I already knew this.) That insane Category 5-year-old Hurricane son of mine? Is morphing (since it is magical) into this…… Read More

Community of Steel

Tuscaloosa missing: 9. This time last week that number was in the hundreds. I’ve heard a few times now that celebrities, politicians, emergency personnel from other states, and of course, President Obama, have remarked on how Alabama has pulled together like no other. My Facebook feed transformed into a grand central station of rescue efforts… Read More

My Television and I are “Seeing Other People”

I have literally no idea what’s going on in the Land of Television any longer, and I’m trying to determine if this is a loss for me. Has the Internet grasp a hold of my brain so tightly, that I only watch shows people talk about on Twitter? Possibly so. Back in “the day”, when… Read More

13 questions

Trying to figure the following things out: 1. Why do my children act out while I’m trying to do work, but sit quietly as I read Texts From Last Night? 2. Then again, why does the word “work” not mean a damn thing? 3. Why am I dragging Conner outside when it’s sunny for 2 weeks,… Read More

Parent Skipping

How to get through those extra parentally-challenging times… 1) Ask the same of them . “Can you turn on the light in the bathroom?” Yes, child, there is nothing I would rather do than stop what I am doing to reach your PREFERRED BATHROOM (you know, the one farthest away) and reach a light that… Read More

5 Things Every Divorced Mother Should Know

5. You Will Be Surprised At some point, you will realize that it’s really not that much harder to do a lot of things, but the few things that do stress you out REALLY stress you out. For instance – groceries. It was freezing cold, raining and I was out of basically every essential item… Read More