Listen Up

It’s a Little Bit of Everything

Dawes is coming through Birmingham (not for the first time—they were a part of 2011’s Secret Stages) on Sept. 29 at Iron City, and you should go.

Anything’s Possible

One thing I ask every musician (or band) I interview is this: Why music? I asked the members of Good Old War, who are playing a show for us Birminghamians at Saturn on Aug. 8, the question, too.

Are You There, Kermit?

Brother and sister duo the Oh Hellos—Maggie and Tyler Heath—hail from Texas. Evident in their music is not the country drawl or musings about cowboys that Texas is known for, but that big Texas spirit shows up brightly.

Strange Trails

A few years ago, if you mentioned you liked listening to Lord Huron, somebody was bound to call you—dare I say it—the h word (hipster, not hamburger).

My Old Friend Ingrid

If there’s anyone who feels like an old friend (besides, say, all my old friends), it’s Ingrid Michaelson.

Let It Be Roberta

“Music, in my opinion, is the universal language that best expresses our lives’ experience,” Flack explains. “Without understanding a word of a language, I can understand the emotion conveyed through a piece of music.”

Then Came the Morning

“The most important part of our story is that we were good friends before we were in a band together. That has become the most important piece of our band. [It’s] how we take care of each other,” says Zach Williams, guitarist and lead vocalist for The Lone Bellow.

The Great Escape

“I can tell you that music has always seemed to grab hold and have a powerful effect on me. It’s provided escape to a different world and access to emotions that couldn’t be felt completely unless jumpstarted by the power of music.”

A Breath of Fresh Aire

Chris Davis is the man behind Mannheim Steamroller, who came to town on their Christmas tour on Dec. 23. The tour, which just finished its 30th year, is one of the best-selling tours in the nation.

Dance Party

Judah & the Lion brings a folk-Americana sound to Birmingham.

Crazy Lucky

“Early in childhood you gravitate toward the things that you are most passionate about. Once you have the opportunity to do what you love for a living, there isn’t really any other choice,” says Tom Drummond, founding member and bass player for alt-pop group Better Than Ezra.