Pop Quiz

This One’s for Dorothy

Fair warning: This one may be a little sappy. But if you’ll allow me to talk about something and someone who is the very reason I’m here, writing for you people, I’d appreciate it.

Behind the Curtain

You may not know this, but when I’m done blessing you guys monthly with tales of the pop culture underworld, I write screenplays.

The Weasel

Recently, a lady asked me what it was exactly that I wrote for the B-Metro. I told her that I wrote popular culture musings that were thinly veiled tirades about the state of modern American politics and the media circus. I also mentioned that I wrote about Pauly Shore.

Kids These Days

Sitting back and thinking, as I often do, of my wasted youth I had to state an obvious fact: Kids these days don’t know how good they got it.

An Egg Roll Thanksgiving

How is it November already? It seems like only yesterday I was saying to myself, “2015 is my year!”

31 Days, 13 Fright Picks

Netflix winners that will make you go “Boo!”

Ahhh! Real Monster

So…Donald Trump. People are listening to him. And not ironically. And not with their fingers crossed.

A Few Questions

When I heard that a white woman was pretending to be black and running the NAACP, my first thought was “OK, but did she do a good job?”

Christmas (Tragedy) in July

I’ve decided to share a little Christmas in July tale with those of you in the early Christmas spirit.

The Song Remains the Same

When I was young, there were only a few steadfast rules laid out by adults for dealing with bullies.

Cinema J’Meladisio

Boils and ghouls, it is finally time for celebration! We are, all of us, knee deep in my favoritest time of the year: the Summer Movie Season!