Talk of the South

What Kind of Bride Are You?

My mission as an event designer is to amplify a client’s personality on her (or his!) big day, so take the Confero quiz below to find out what kind of bride you are!

Break Tradition

Take the must out of buying or doing something for Valentine’s Day, and instead put effort into what will bring you and your loved ones closer together. Don’t know where to start? Here I share some of my favorite ideas that have far more impact.

Resolution Revolution

A better way to look at the year ahead.  by Christopher Confero      What I love so dearly about the beginning of a New Year is that, with the holidays behind me, I can take the proper time to reflect on the past year. I must say that 2014 has been one for the… Read More

Holiday Dos and Don’ts

Save yourself the awkward mishaps and hassle of last-minute preparation with Christopher Confero’s list of holiday dos and don’ts.


I haven’t really made a big fuss about a birthday since I was a child, but 30 seems different somehow. It’s introspective in a way that turning any other year older as a twenty-something wasn’t.

Welcome the New Season

Last winter, I walked you through how to entertain during the chilly months by catering to each of the five senses. This time of year should be enjoyed, so let’s take the sensory journey on how to effortlessly entertain for fall.

A Moveable Feast

Before fall arrives with football and pumpkin spiced lattes, I’ve decided the best way to celebrate the change of season is with a progressive party around the city.

Plan a Marriage, Not Just a Wedding

It’s important to remember that a flawless wedding does not imply a flawless marriage. Although there is no magic formula for a happily ever after, you and your spouse-to-be can keep this guide in mind for a life after “I do.”

A Warm Welcome

Even though party planning is what I do every day, I love to entertain when I have a weekend off. Here are my top five tips and tricks to make entertaining enjoyable for both you and your guests when dealing with a small space.

2014 Wedding Style Forecast

I’ve sorted through the superficial trends and narrowed down a list of 10 wedding tips I foresee as flexible enough to personalize for your big day this year and for years to come.

Here’s to the Ladies Who Brunch

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching, why not start a movement to celebrate the strong female roles in our lives? Whether it’s your mother, aunt, sister, or close friend, I think brunch is the perfect setting to reach out and return the favor.