Talk of the South

Just in Time for Tea

Spring brings with it the desire to entertain. It doesn’t hurt that you can walk in the sunshine, smell the flowers, and watch people interact. After the winter the south has seen, that’s exactly what we all need. It’s the perfect time to invite friends over for afternoon tea.

Doctor’s Orders

When you’ve had a winter like the one we’ve had this year, you can’t help but wish for the quick arrival of spring. The upcoming warmer weather is a pleasant reminder to use Mother Nature’s beauty to our fullest advantage when it’s actually bearable outside.

Sugar and Spice

We often find ourselves involved in a love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day. Whether you are a hopeless or realistic romantic, the day celebrates cherishing those you love regardless of the shining prospects in your life.

If He Put a Ring on It

If your beau popped the question recently, you will soon find yourself with a mountain of decisions to make. If you are going to tackle the job yourself, don’t panic—use my 12-month guide to help you plan your perfect day.

Undecking the Halls

By the time December rolls around, I don’t have too many visions of sugarplums dancing around my head. When I finally get in the holiday spirit, I look around my home and ask, “What am I going to do with this place?” Let me talk you through how I entertain during the holidays and celebrate the season in simple yet chic ways while delighting all five senses.

Warming Up Your Fall

In November, we tend to have a heightened sense of appreciation and thankfulness for the richness of our lives. The weather starts to get a little chillier, bringing people closer as we seek warmth and comfort.

Costuming Your Space

There are few greater feelings than the snap from summer to fall just as October arrives. The crisp, autumn breeze hits me just right as I step out my door onto Highland. Even better, October brings us to the most daring of holidays–Halloween. It’s a festivity that lets us step out of our day-to day selves and pretend, if just for one day, that we’re not all that we seem to be.

You Are What You Eat

Or as it was for me, don’t eat. by Christopher Confero Now that summer is winding down, having a beautiful beach body isn’t going to be on the forefront of everyone’s mind. But think back to earlier this year, and we were planning a crash diet here or starving ourselves there. Traveling to the beaches… Read More

A Southern Tradition

Just like iced tea, we southerners take our tailgating seriously.  by Christopher Confero     Homer Simpson once said, “Behold, the tailgate party. The pinnacle of human achievement. Since the dawn of parking lots, man has sought to fill his gut with food and alcohol in anticipation of watching others exercise.” In the South, college football… Read More

Summer in the City

There’s no place like home. by Christopher Confero It’s common that the summer season provides ample time to escape our home life and jet set to somewhere exotic or new. For me, 2013 has proven to be just that. I’ve worked in and traveled to New Orleans, London, Atlanta, Miami and Asheville, and it’s only… Read More

The List

Confero’s top things to know after you say, “Yes!”  by Christopher Confero Know your Vision—The most important thing is that you must have a clear vision of what you want to bring to life on your wedding day. There is so much inspiration all around us that it’s easy for a bride to get overloaded… Read More