Birmingfamous: Daniel Drinkard of Seasick Records

Seasick Records

Photographer: Jaysen Michael
Producer: Lindsay Garrett
Location: Seasick Records

The idea first became a reality in a dark little corner space in a building on the edge of Avondale. He and a friend convinced the owner of the building to rent a cozy storage space to start a small business selling records. For more than two years people could be seen ducking into a suspect door as if they knew of a secret in plain view. In an unbelievably short time, that secret was no longer hidden, but being shouted from the top of Red Mountain. Within three years, this Memphis native’s dream had developed into a thriving beacon.

With this greeting from the community, he soon felt the growing pains of needing a larger location. Within three years, expansion forced him into a much less covert position in the Shoppes of Crestwood.

His is more than your typical neighborhood record store. From the front window, shoppers can be observed getting a trim in the chair of a throwback barber shop called Newman’s Classic Cuts. By hosting exclusive, intimate musical performances in store, Seasick Records offers not just inventory but also an experience. The house stage has been graced by musicians such as St. Paul & the Broken Bones, Seratones, and The Pollies.

His generosity and love of community have been made evident through partnerships with local businesses, artists, and organizations. He is known for hosting clothing and canned food drives for First Light shelter and The Firehouse Shelter, and for participating in local benefits for groups like Girls Rock Birmingham. Seasick organized a local stage for Sloss Fest, and has been selected each year to participate in Record Store Day, a national celebration for vinyl collectors.

By bringing a new concept to an old format, he has infected our community with a renewed love of music and live performance. He has inspired a generation to jump in and go after what you want. And his dedication shows that sometimes those dreams that are planted in shadowed spaces have the potential to grow expansive roots that can make massive community impact.

And those are just a few reasons Daniel Drinkard is Birmingfamous.

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    Great, very cool guy – not to mention, he has a smokin’ hot wife and adorable baby girl …

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