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Write On, Sister!

by Brett Levine, Photo by Beau Gustafson If you speak to Alicia Clavell, you may think she’s a woman of few words. But that is only because she prefers to pour everything out on the page. “I told you it would have been better if you had simply sent me some questions,” she laughs as we… Read More

Building for the Future

The jewelry retailer Regina Jewelry & Treasures is moving to The Summit with Gus Mayer. The business, and the decision  to keep building it, is really a family affair. by Richard James, Photo by Billy Brown For Regina Sigman it all comes down to the eye—the ability to discern from examining a piece of jewelry… Read More

One On One

People. Talking. Our conversation between Sam George and Chuck St. John focused on the medium and the message. Sam, who has traveled through the worlds of acting, music and journalism before settling here in Birmingham, is the managing editor of Birmingham Weekly. Born in Bethlehem, Pa., Sam grew up in the theatre; his parents managed… Read More

It’s the Chocolate, Cupid

The way to your lover’s heart is through a bar of chocolate. By Debby Maugans, Photography by Liesa Cole Nearly every morning, my husband, Lindsay, breaks off a tiny square of an 84% cacao chocolate bar and slides it into my mouth before I am fully awake. The deep chocolate flavor melting and lingering on… Read More

Legendary Shots

Shots Seen ‘Round the World… Hoover’s Legendary Shots basketball guys and YouTube sensations continue to up the ante with harder, more difficult shots at bigger and better places. by Dana Jaffe, Photography by Beau Gustafson What started in 2005 as an innovative way to cure after–school boredom has since made The Legendary Shots, a six–member basketball trick team… Read More

All That Glitters

Kahlil Gibran once said, “Perhaps time’s definition of coal is the diamond,” while Mae West quipped “Let us not be too particular. It is better to have old second-hand diamonds than none at all.” Jewelry seems to be a language that everyone understands, whether it says “ I love you,” “I’m sorry” or “Please remember… Read More

Blending In

A Crestline home fits nicely in the neighborhood but holds a surprising mix of stand–out style inside. by Mary Ellen Stancill   Photos by Beau Gustafson Driving down one of the main streets of Crestline, you might not notice the unassuming brick home shared by Elyse and Brooks Wallace and Elyse’s 10-year-old daughter, Ella Grace… Read More


Sam Frazier, Jr. sees the world through his own lens. by Cindy Riley, Photo by Beau Gustafson Trying to interview indie filmmaker Sam Frazier, Jr. is a bit like playing Russian roulette. Chances are you’ll survive, but you can’t be certain. So, Sam, you live in Avondale,  right? “What, do you want a ride home… Read More

Scratching the Surface

Rashid Qandil is bringing the most unique, most original and most independent hip-hop to Birmingham. by Brett Levine, Photo by Jonathan Purvis   Rashid Qandil is a relationship builder. As a DJ, he is constantly looking for interesting opportunities, unique partnerships, and ways to explore music that might not have been considered in Birmingham. “I’ve been a DJ… Read More

(you) are beautiful.

A clandestine conversation They felt more comfortable talking by phone, even though I suggested a meeting… By Joe O’Donnell Since they painted the first “You Are Beautiful” sign on the Highland Avenue bridge over 280 back in the fall, these warm-hearted graffiti artists have been much in the news. The appearance of the first message… Read More