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Butler’s Grooming for Men has become an oasis for men who want to look their best and relax at the same time. That has become owner Chris Butler’s recipe for success. by Richard James, Photo by Beau Gustafson From the playing fields of major college football stadiums and NFL tryout camps to the corporate suites… Read More

Voices of the Storm

  Photography by Liesa Cole, Written by Sarah O’Donnell  When the tornadoes of April 27 hit our state and region, the conversation of the city changed. The storms were all we could talk about—the devastation, the sorrow, the miracles of recovery, redemption and hope. We decided the best way to capture the drama and meaning… Read More

The Sisterhood of Solidarity

Read on for a bit of inspiration, then gather up your own circle of friends, start a new girls-only tradition, and enjoy what is long overdue –time for you. by Rebecca Walden, Photography by Beau Gustafson True to our Paleolithic roots, we 21st century ladies are still, at our core, gatherers in every sense of the… Read More

Who Shot Rock N Roll?

The camera captured the power of the music. Who Shot Rock & Roll is the first major museum exhibition to focus on rock & roll photography. It will be on exhibit  at the Birmingham Museum of Art, beginning June 24. From its earliest days, the photographers of rock & roll personalized, eroticized and energized the… Read More

The Big Little Lunch

Produced and styled by Mindi Shapiro Levine Photographed by Mary Britton Senseney Recipe development and food styling by Tonya West   Summer’s warm weather brings opportunities for entertaining outdoors early in the day. It’s an ideal time of the year to have friends over for brunch. Without a doubt, Sunday is the most popular day… Read More

Hat Attitude

by Farrah D. Austin, Photography by Joseph De Sciose It’s Sunday morning at African American churches across the city of Birmingham. On this day, mature ladies in glitzy hats file into church sanctuaries like festival queens at a coronation. Their brims laced with rhinestones, feathers, or clusters of silk flowers attract admiring gazes, coos of… Read More

Tiki time

words and photos by edward badham Tiki-The first Man. Hukilau-Traditionally a form of group net fishing from the beach invented by the Hawaiians in which all who take part share in the catch. Also a festive beach gathering. Tiki Kiliki-Birmingham’s Christie White, founder, chief and hostess of the largest Tiki gathering in the world, every… Read More

Medical Mission

Ecuador by Meg McKinney Photographing Medical Mission Ecuador 2011 was an exciting invitation to the world of medicine, patients, and hospitals in a developing country. I asked a lot of questions, learned surgery room etiquette and wore scrubs every day. Working in unfamiliar situations among indigenous cultures is challenging, and this group of 80 volunteers—doctors,… Read More

This Disease Has Many Faces

One in eight Alabamians will get diabetes. Are you one of them? By Vicki Johnson, Photos by Beau Gustafson   Kira Fonteneau, Gestational Diabetes For most women, the news of a pregnancy is one of the happiest times in their life and for nine months it is a chance to plan and look forward to the… Read More

First Place

On a post-college budget, Holly Hollon filled her Highland Park condo with style that is second to none. by Mary Ellen Stancill, Photos by Jeff Williams After graduating from Auburn University and taking her first “real” job as a graphic designer for a local advertising agency, Holly Cook (now Hollon) began to dream of having her own home. To… Read More

Newlywed Entertaining

“Easy Peasy” recipes for first time entertaining Noted caterer Kathy G (Mezrano) has pulled together some easy recipes for the newly married to entertain in-laws or friends at home. They are easy to prepare and sure to impress, Kathy G says. Pulled Pork on Taco Chip with Mango Coulis Here is an easy recipe for… Read More