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The Lake House

A family retreat was also a family project. by Mary Ellen Stancill, Photos by Beau Gustafson Plenty of Birmingham families enjoy gathering at the lake, especially this time of year. Generations of a clan spend time water skiing, fishing, cooking out and just relaxing together during the hot summer months. But not many families share… Read More


The Who, What, Where, and Why of Ed. by Michael Froning, Executive Director, Birmingham Education Foundation (Ed), EdBirmingham.org Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Ed. I was born in 2009 in Birmingham. My parents are its citizens, especially the students, families and the adults of the Birmingham City Schools. My job is to help… Read More

Officer Down

Joseph Daniels is one of 49 officers killed in action in the history of the Birmingham Police Department. His case is the only one of those 49 to remain unsolved. By Loyd McIntosh Monday, November 18, 2002. It’s approximately 10:30 p.m. and a small group of regulars are grabbing a bite to eat and shooting… Read More

One on One

People. Talking. This month our one on one conversation brought us a discussion full of insight into the many ways we find a path through life. We chose two men who spend their working lives leading others to discover truths about themselves. In short, we went deep with these two guys. At the very core… Read More

A Slice of Summer

Produced and Styled by Mindi Shapiro Levine Photography by Mary Britton Senseney Food Styling and Recipe Development by Tonya West   Nothing epitomizes summer cooking more than grilling.  Whether you are a die-hard charcoal fanatic or love the ease of a gas grill, the art of grilling has taken cooking in new directions. Why not… Read More

Night Fever

So Sleek. So Chic. The ’70s are back for summer fun. We love the ’70s for the filmy halters, floppy hats, flared-leg pants, safari jackets, beaded macrame, maxi skirts, short shorts, and platforms. Rarely has a retro trend come dancing back so literally. Inspired by Halston, Pucci, and Diane Von Furstenberg, designers mined the styles… Read More

Magnificent Obsession

For Dick Jemison, his collections of tribal art are a natural extension of a lifelong search for the wonders of this world. by Joe O’Donnell          Photography by Beau Gustafson The loft has been stripped not quite bare. Until the crew from the Birmingham Museum of Art came to crate and move dozens of extraordinary examples of… Read More

City Confidential

Put a perfect stranger, a kind face and an attentive ear in a conducive setting and, voila, you have an impromptu confessional. Meet some of Birmingham’s best confidantes. Photos and text by Liesa Cole Keeping secrets can be quite a burden. I have been ruminating about this lately because a friend gave me a beautiful and… Read More

A Force of Nature

Despite a lifetime of  health challenges, Rosie Butler’s extraordinary life has been a testament to the notion that courage, joy and the will to succeed can overcome anything. by Rosalind Fournier, Photography by Beau Gustafson A few years back when Dr. Joseph Bloomer wanted to take fundraising efforts for the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Liver… Read More