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For the Love of Music

Inside the hard-working bands of Birmingham. by Sam George         Photography by Liesa Cole  Produced by Tony Rodio Birmingham doesn’t do rock stars. We aren’t the next “it” city, and we don’t have a “sound.” People don’t move to Birmingham to get famous and launch their careers. Don’t get me wrong, there’s more great music being… Read More

Start A Business

Take a risk/ Get a plan/ Hire some people/ Save the economy We spoke with local entrepreneurs about the pitfalls and triumphs of becoming your own boss and how to make it happen. By Jesse Chambers An entrepreneur, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, is “a person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for… Read More

Garage Bands

Musicians find a  haven at Uncle Bob’s  storage units. Photography by Zade Shamsi-Basha Driving down Valley Avenue in Birmingham, you pass an unassuming blue sign for Uncle Bob’s Self Storage nestled between Nixon Electric and U.S Automotive Services. To the average passerby, Uncle Bob’s small blue sign doesn’t warrant any further exploration. However, for the… Read More

What a DRAG!

Sometimes you just have to give into the need for speed. By Loyd McIntosh      Photography by Beau Gustafson It’s the third weekend in March, and a small crowd is beginning to trickle in at Lassiter Mountain Dragway in Fultondale for a night of racing. The sky is cloudy and rain is threatening to cut the… Read More

A Slice of Family

Like their father and mother before them, the Bajalieh brothers know success in the restaurant business is all in the family. By Joe O’Donnell The work day is winding down in Lakeview, but the wood-burning ovens at the neighborhood’s newest restaurant, Slice, are still going strong, getting ready for the night shift. Brothers Jeff, Chris and Jason… Read More

the Art of the Picnic

by Edward Badham It is lunch time and your tummy rumbles. The Golden Arches are calling your name. You heed the call, punch the clock and make a dash for the Number 3 combo. You slink over to a back booth with that double 1/4-pounder with cheese and large fries in hand.  All the while… Read More

A Highland Park Treasure

Historic charm and fine craftsmanship abound in the Burnett-Morrow residence by Mary Ellen Stancill   Photography by Beau Gustafson David Whitley has always had an eye for fine craftsmanship. “You couldn’t get out of high school without taking furniture making,” explains the North Carolina native of his long held interest. For years he had a backyard woodshop and… Read More

One on One- August 2011

People. Talking. This month our one–on–one conversation brought together the seemingly dissimilar worlds of the great outdoors and television. Sure, they co–exist on the National Geographic Channel, but we weren’t sure about real life. What we discovered in this conversation between television promotion exec Karen Swann and outdoor-gear guru Christopher Grooms is that the two… Read More