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At 8 a.m. on September 11, 2001, it was easy to perceive our lives as serene; we were safe. Even while Bernie Madoff’s crimes were being exposed, most saw our economy, our country, as prosperous; we led the world. And while the scientific community embraces a vision of quantum mechanics and string theory, shattering our… Read More

Art From the Ruins

Birmingham native Rachel Higgins makes art using an eco-friendly pallette of recycled materials with the New York City skyline as a stunning backdrop. By Jesse Chambers The contemporary dictum of sustainability implores all of us to reduce, reuse and recycle. However, many visual artists—especially sculptors and multi-media practitioners—have done this for decades, using found materials… Read More

How Does Your Garden Grow…

Local architect Brian Barrett and his family tend to home as well as a community garden in Avondale. Written by Mary Ellen Stancill, Photography  by  Beau Gustafson With their first baby on the way, Brian and Krys Barrett needed more space than their previous house had to offer. At first they considered remodeling. Brian, an… Read More

the Creative Beast

Londoner Keith Otter has put his world–class advertising skills to work here in Birmingham, in what is just one more unexpected stop in a whirlwind life. by Rosalind Fournier    Photography by Beau Gustafson Make-Up by Angela Jones Five years ago, Keith Otter was working in the upper echelons of London’s advertising world, with a resume comprised of important… Read More


A new way to eat. Photos and Text by Beau Gustafson So are you feeling sluggish? Getting fat? Are you tired of fast food and eating out every meal? Have you tried every fad diet out there to the point  you are not sure what you should eat?   It may be time to get back… Read More

Where the Spirit Has Hope

Story and Photographs by Meg McKinney The riders and horses at the Spirit of Hope Youth Ranch move forward, one step at a time, but need care and patience before they do.  The calm, quiet horses show their muscle by carrying their riders and their baggage. The baggage is packed with histories of abuse, loss… Read More

Rebuilding Sustainable Communities

By James Smith April, 27th, 2011 is a day that will forever be remembered in Alabama. A day when so much was taken from so many. A deadly tornado a mile wide cut a swathe of destruction across the state wreaking havoc on local communities and leaving a trail of debris never before seen in… Read More

One on One

People. Talking. The extraordinary capacity of music to change lives, to make the mundane extraordinary and the sublime just that much more beautiful, that was the topic of this issue’s One on One. You might say we hit a bunch of memorable musical high notes this month. Born and raised in Birmingham and exposed to… Read More

Studio- Labor of Love

Dori DeCamillis by Brett Levine        Photo by Jerry Siegel

Gentlemen… Start Your Engines

Local attorney Michael Waters has grown to realize he has a need for speed. by Cindy Riley   Photo by Beau Gustafson Michael Waters clearly has the need for speed. After three decades of practicing law, Waters is finally pursuing his longtime passion for auto racing. “It’s exciting to get behind the wheel. I’m always a… Read More