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No Fear of FLYING

The Joy of Mountain Biking: A continuous feedback loop of ever- changing terrain and conditions that require instantaneous response and input from the rider. words and photos by edward badham The blue sky surrounds you, the cool air grabs your lungs, the crisp wind gently chaps your cheeks.  Trees and branches whisk past your head. Your legs are screaming with joy and pain. Your… Read More

Prince of the Night

What is a former law student doing running a nightclub? If you are B.G. Iradji, having the time of your life. By Joe O’Donnell Photo by Liesa Cole The sound is pounding. If you were standing on the corner of 5th and 29th in Lakeview on a Saturday night, you might get the sense that… Read More

Some Skin in the Game

Football-crazy Birmingham bettors seek money and thrills, making the Magic City a major center of the shadowy but seductive world of sports gambling. By Jesse Chambers, Photos by Liesa Cole If you don’t think sports betting is popular in Birmingham, if you’re unaware that gambling—on college and pro football, baseball and basketball—is woven into our… Read More

Taking It Personally

In a high school in the impoverished, rural Black Belt, a young Mountain Brook teacher discovers a simple truth: Believing leads to learning. By Tom Gordon      Photography by Jerry Siegel The ninth grader paused at the classroom door. Other students, in their required uniforms of white and blue or white and khaki, passed him in… Read More

Not-So-Starving Artist

Accomplished Birmingham painter John Lytle Wilson gets a high embracing lowbrow art. by Cindy Riley , Photo by Beau Gustafson Searching for nuance in painter John Lytle Wilson’s work is ultimately an exercise in futility. “I prefer art that’s in your face—colorful, dramatic and unforgettable,” he  admits. “I like art to have an impact and confront the… Read More

Pie Makes It Better

Sometimes the way to a community’s heart is through its stomach: The promise of PieLab. Story and Photographs by Meg McKinney From the first bite of luscious pie to the last crumb on your plate, followed by homemade raspberry lemonade, you know that your taste buds have been taken to another culinary realm when you… Read More

A Remodel Revamped

Here’s a house where the outside meets the inside in a cool, modern, intercontinental space. by Vicki Johnson Photography by Beau Gustafson It’s a rare opportunity when the owners of a house you designed and built 25 years ago ask you to get involved in a remodel. But that’s just what happened to George Israel. It all… Read More

One on One

People. Talking. The conversation this month ranged from the excitement of Birmingham’s music scene to the growth of the Dia de los Muertos festival into a signature city event. We sat down with Wendy Jarvis, a legal secretary at Gespass & Johnson and principal behind Bare Hands, Inc., and Josh Vasa, a musician and social… Read More

Building Alabama Forward

We are Spontaneous Unaffiliated Do-ers. Let’s get to it. by Laura Clemons (Founder/CEO, Collaborative Communities) Since April 27, I like so many others have seen and experienced things that have shown us the best and worst of our humanity. I woke up on Friday, April 29 with an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. The images that… Read More