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Nesting Place

A farmhouse feel with touches of bohemian flair provide the perfect rustic escape nestled in the heart of Homewood. Written by Vicki Johnson        Photography by Caitlin Van Horn Caitlin Van Horn spends almost all day everyday working from home as a graphic designer, so having a beautiful place to retreat was high on her list… Read More

One on One 11/11

People. Talking. The conversation this month ranged from the important symbolism of the big guy on Red Mountain, Vulcan, to the exciting momentum many feel behind recent initiatives such as Railroad Park. We sat down with Darlene Negrotto, CEO of Vulcan Park Foundation, and architect Richard Carnaggio, a principle with the city architecture firm, Cohen… Read More

behind the veil

Meet some of the leading practioners of the art of belly dancing in Birmingham. Written by Neil Bagley      Photography by Joe De Sciose Aziza: Talk to anyone who knows anything about belly dancing in Birmingham, and the name Aziza is guaranteed to get dropped. She is something of a celebrity in the area,… Read More

An Unfinished Story

A battle with breast cancer reminds us that a good team is crucial and that love is awesome… Written by Cherri Ellis Photography by Liesa Cole The difference between breast cancer awareness and the feeling of finding out that you yourself have breast cancer is the difference between pointing to Tibet on a map and trying… Read More

Red Hot

Photography by Liesa Cole Produced and styled by Mindi Shapiro Levine Model: Fin Jasele, Assistant: Lindsey Griffin Hair and make-up: Clay Jones for Orbit, Photo producer: Tony Rodio Set design: Christophe Nicolet, Production video: John Gaiser/Katie Gaiser Red is the color of romance, power and seduction.  It is fashion’s brightest trend and hottest hue of the season. Red… Read More


It’s all in your head. It’s the epicenter of who you are and what you are. It’s your brain…and local physicians and researchers are starting to solve some of  the mysteries locked deep inside of it. Written by Rosalind Fournier Photography by Beau Gustafson Ask them what draws them to the marvelously intriguing specimen known as the human brain,… Read More


Written and photographed by Liesa Cole When I describe myself as a “needle-phobe,” I recall the improvisation I performed in second grade of an agonizing bout of appendicitis to avoid school on  the dreaded “Innoculation Day.” This is the same person, namely moi, who bowed to peer pressure in high school on blood drive day… Read More


Create the perfect pairing with these locally made nibbles and matching wines. Whether used as playful party snacks or delicious gifts, you’ll look like a star this holiday season. Produced by Mindi Shapiro Levine Text and food styling by Scott Jones Photography by Mary Britton Senseney “Andromeda” white wine glass, $17 “Apus” red wine glass, $15 “Aquila” tall red wine… Read More


Poet Brandan Stuckey. Written by Dana Jaffe   Photo by Beau Gustafson Brandan Stuckey describes himself as a naturally shy person who likes to sit back and observe and would rather quietly people watch than start a conversation with a stranger. But when the 28-year-old walks on stage, takes command of the mic and becomes… Read More