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Christmas Morning

Some things about that special morning never change. By Joe O’Donnell The coolest gift I remember my brother ever getting for Christmas was a space station that sat on the floor and had intricate adjustable legs and blue plastic windows on the sides and top. I stepped on it. Accidently, of course. But the incident… Read More

Facing South

A new book captures images of some of the South’s finest artists as seen through the camera lens of photographer Jerry Siegel. Photographer Jerry Siegel remembers spending a rainy Sunday morning with the artist Enrique Alferez in his studio, a converted old church in New Orleans. “He talked about riding with Pancho Villa in the… Read More

The {Troubled} Crusade of Scott Beason

Perhaps no one in Alabama politics has stirred up as much controversy as Senator Scott Beason. Is he just a stubborn ideologue or a courageous fighter for conservative ideals beset by sniping liberals? We met Beason in the eye of the storm to hear his story. by Jesse Chambers   Photography by Beau Gustafson and Lindsey Griffin… Read More

A Storm Came Up

Former sports writer Doug Segrest takes on racial tension and violence in his new novel. by Loyd McIntosh   Photo by Beau Gustafson Set in the fictional town of Takasaw, Alabama, Segrest’s the bulk of the novel follows these three young men through the summer and fall of 1963, five years after the racially motivated murder… Read More

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

From the Magic City to musical history, Hugh Martin left a song in our heart that embodies the feeling of the season. By Tom Wofford When Frank Sinatra asked master songwriter Hugh Martin to change a lyric in his classic, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” Martin found the inspiration he needed on a visit… Read More


A do-it-yourself project transforms a water filtration plant into beautiful, livable space. Text by Vicki Johnson Photography by Beau Gustafson To most it was an ugly, abandoned space with a daunting amount of work to make it habitable, but to Matthew Finley and his wife Mikel Wijayasuriya, it was a blank canvas they could eventually… Read More

Lost & Found

A delayed generation moves forward one sidestep at a time. Written by Sam George Portraits by Beau Gustafson “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” — Allen Saunders (widely attributed to John Lennon) To begin with… Let’s start with the numbers, shall we? Everyone knows that the current economic climate… Read More


Produced and Styled by Mindi Shapiro Levine Photographed by Mary Britton Senseney Recipe Development and Food Styling by Lilly Plauche “A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.” -Anonymous From a humble snack to a gourmet indulgence, cookies are wonderfully versatile treats that never disappoint. This time of year, everyone loves baking them, giving… Read More

Everybody Needs a Hero!

The Chelsea firehouse is home to Hero the Firedog. He and Lieutenant Don Williamson have made it their mission to teach children about fire safety. Text and Photography by Edward Badham The age-old adage is true, we all do need a hero. We need  someone to look up to, someone to admire. Our heroes give us… Read More

New Year’s Eve 2012

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One on One

People. Talking. The conversation this month was all about appreciation. From Ruffner Mountain Nature Center to Second Avenue in the Loft District on a busy Friday evening, the exciting things about Birmingham are the very things that energize our One on One participants. Michelle Reynolds runs a slip-cover business called Coverings and is a fabric… Read More