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Angela Karen and Stephen Simpson Photographer Angela Karen came home from her European vacation with much more than mere memories.  The long-awaited trip started off in London. There was a crowded bar, a chance encounter and, well… you can imagine the rest of the story. Stephen Simpson literally ran into Angela that night and bought… Read More

Hoop Dreams

The circle is unbroken for three Birmingham hoopers. words and photos by Edward Badham The circle, a simple shape of Euclidean geometry, is vital to everyday  life. Without it, we are doomed to exist only where our feet might take us. It is the face of time, the symbol of life and divinity, the symbol… Read More

The Art of the action

Chad Martin is taking sports art to the next level. by Loyd McIntosh Real sports fans know that those championship seasons are rare. A lot of intangibles go into making a good team great, helping them make that transition from a collection of individuals into a true team. A little luck, a whole lot of… Read More

Soul Of A Poet

Ad man Tim Denny finds beauty in unexpected places. Written by Cindy Riley   Photography by Beau Gustafson Beneath a bruised sky, two silhouettes huddled at the grave site of author William S. Burroughs. Drenched by a pouring rain, they’d come to pay their final respects. “I simply thanked him for what he’d done for… Read More

A Rustic Retreat

This barn house strikes the perfect balance between a relaxed feel and rich sophistication. Written by Vicki Johnson     Photography by Beau Gustafson For this homeowner, horses are a way of life. “I started riding when I was 13, just fell in love with it and have never really been able to get it out… Read More

Zen and the art of Making Motorcycles

Confederate Motors designs machines with a soul. Written by Tom Wofford Photography by Marc Bondarenko The brick structure in Lakeview is nondescript, but what’s being built behind the darkened glass façade is anything but. One vehicle at a time, a handful of engineers and craftsmen make road machines so visually striking, some have been bought for… Read More

Birmingham’s Bards & Brews

Written by Nancy Dorman-Hickson     Photography by Meg McKinney The beer-drinking strangers are bonding but not in a smoky, dimly lit bar. Tonight the brews are part of a word-centric event in a language-loaded location. “I’ve never been carded at a library before,” crows one patron, forking over his driver’s license to a gatekeeper. He’s here… Read More

The A-List

Our annual list of people who fascinate, inspire, and make this city a great place to live. The Chef The celebrated chef Chris Hastings, fresh from an Iron Chef performance, re-imagines his restaurant, his cuisine and his future. by Joe O’Donnell Serendipity happens. The phrase seems a little long perhaps for a well-designed bumper sticker… Read More