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The Gilmore Girls

by Anna Slaton Gilmore In 2008, at 31 years old, I found myself very content with life. I had been happily married to Justin for three years. Life was fulfilling and more than I could ask for. A few years earlier, I had started a business designing wedding flowers, and it was thriving. Travelling and… Read More

The Flowering of Gus Pappas

A businessman readies a last century business for a new century world. By Joe O’Donnell    Photo by Beau Gustafson The formula is deceptively simple. Fresher flowers. Same day delivery. That has become the mantra at Norton’s Florist, the old-line Birmingham florist founded in 1921 that has thrived under the ownership of Gus Pappas. Pappas… Read More

In the kitchen with Sweet Sugar Mama

Written and Photographed by Liesa Cole When I was a young girl, those annual summer road trips to Grandma’s house in rural Georgia always commenced in similar fashion. Upon arrival, we’d unfurl ourselves from the Buick sedan, untangle our cramped legs, and slip in the creaky back-porch screen door that slapped shut behind us with… Read More

Building Equity

Jonathan Fuller and Alan Gardner bring professional theatre, and Superior Donuts, to Birmingham. Written by Tom Wofford Six years ago Jonathan Fuller and Alan Gardner brought professional theatre back to Birmingham without using a theatre. The show was David Mamet’s American Buffalo, and the two City Equity Theatre founders put it up almost on the… Read More

Ever in Your Favor

Suzanne Collins, creator of The Hunger Games phenomenon, started her creative journey at the acclaimed Alabama School of Fine Arts. How does the scope of that accomplishment impact the vision of today’s asfa students as they plot their own course for the future? My teenaged daughter is normally pretty active, wandering around the house, at one of her… Read More

Cooking With the Pros

ProStart Academy’s Gary Burley combines his two greatest passions. by Les Lovoy, Photo by Beau Gustafson Gary Burley is a large man. It’s no surprise he spent 10 years in the National Football League, where he played for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Atlanta Falcons. His size may be imposing, but his smile is contagious. When… Read More

Welcome back to Pepper Place

One of our favorite signs of Spring is the return of the Pepper Place Saturday Market. It’s downtown’s friendliest meeting place and it’s filled with the freshest produce, the prettiest flowers  and the most colorful people you’ll ever want to run into. Join us for a lemonade and a little music. Written by Sarah O’Donnell Photography by Virginia Jones This… Read More

Dr. Who?

The Alabama Phoenix Festival celebrates imagination as the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and people explore their inner superhero, warlock or sci-fi character. Photography by Chuck St. John Make-up by Somica Spratley A forum for celebrating the creativity and imagination that science-fiction, fantasy and superheroes foster, the Alabama Phoenix Festival was born from the desire to break through the sterotypes often associated with… Read More