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One-on-One: Jann Robinson & Atticus Rominger

One-on-One. People. Talking. This month’s conversation features two great communicators, caterer and entrepreneur Jann Robinson and public relations professional Atticus Rominger. The discussion centered on the role change plays in life, the essence of building your own brand and launching out on your own to pursue your dreams. A firm believer in the adage that… Read More

Pop Life

Story and Interior Design by Mindi Shapiro Levine Photographed by Mary Britton Senseney In a summer home, you have the freedom to have fun and be irreverent when it comes to design. My clients, Jeff and Andrea Shapiro, took a leap of faith and said, “We want a happy, bright, fun, whimsical place in the… Read More

The Artist and the Rock

Wade Sand & Gravel is an unlikely and extraordinary setting for art. Written and photographed by Karim Shamsi-Basha You don’t expect a beautiful, solar-powered aluminum sculpture to come alive in a rock quarry amid millions of year’s worth of sediment. You also don’t expect several artists to have their studios right next to gravel shooting… Read More

Funky Gardening

By Charlie Thigpen Photography by Chuck St. John A few years ago, I left the corporate world and felt lost as I began to search for what I would do next. Then Linda Askey called and asked if I could help design her garden. It was perfect, because she needed help, and I needed some… Read More

Ready. Aim. FIRE!

By Loyd McIntosh Photography by Marc Bondarenko “I’m going to give you my Glock, and we’re going to verify it’s not loaded. Are you right handed? Put it in your right hand and put it up there like you mean it.” I’m standing on the outdoor firing range at Brock’s Gap Training Center in Hoover,… Read More

The Birds and the Bees

A local fertility specialist gives new meaning to an age-old expression by Cindy Riley Photos by Beau Gustafson When Dr. Michael Steinkampf, M.D., says his backyard is swarming with activity, he means it. An avid beekeeper, Dr. Steinkampf is passionate about his hobby and hopes to create some buzz by documenting his adventures. “I never… Read More

Legally Blonde

From MTV to Broadway to Birmingham, Bailey Hanks is now Legally Blonde at Red Mountain Theatre Company by Tom Wofford Any performer who lands a role in a Broadway show undoubtedly endures a rigorous audition process. Probably no one has undergone as intriguing, and as public, a tryout as Bailey Hanks. Hanks took over the… Read More

The Client is Key

Lisa Alexander’s success in advertising stems from a commitment to the client. By Joe O’Donnell Photo by Beau Gustafson There is a sense of comfort in the early 20th century house that is home to Alexander Advertising, just off Highland Avenue on Birmingham’s Southside. The wide porch leading to the front door is welcoming on… Read More