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One-on-One: Tom Wofford and David Fleming

The focus of this month’s one on one conversation centers on the notion of possibilities. Both Tom Wofford and David Fleming are immersed in opening up Birmingham to new possibilities, from an economic development and an arts perspective. David Fleming is the CEO of the newly christened REV Birmingham, an economic development organization that results… Read More

HOT Now…and Later

HOT Now…and Later Words and Styling by Mindi Shapiro Levine Recipes and Food Styling by Lilly Plauché Photography by Mary Britton Senseney Donuts, doughnuts, do-nuts, dough-nuts…any way you spell it, they’re delicious. These delicacies are beloved, decadent, airy, warm, melt-in your-mouth pleasures. They are a quick breakfast, a guilty pleasure, a workplace snack and a… Read More

Red Mountain

This popular bar band loves the thrill of live performance. by Joe O’Donnell Photos by Liesa Cole Originally formed in 2011, Red Mountain features Ben Guthrie, Dylan Palombo, Jeremy Milam, Billy Murphree and Matthew Smith. Performing live shows in various bars and night clubs around the city, as well as locally sponsored events such as… Read More

A Little Star

Tiny dancer, Breena Bell,  sees one round of America’s Got Talent as just the first stop to a career in dance. Written by Jesse Chambers  Photographed by Beau Gustafson A lot of little girls take dance classes, but very few appear on national television. Breena Bell of Lincoln, Ala., did, performing on America’s Got Talent… Read More

The Hunt

The dove hunt, a Southern tradition, brings family and friends together in a return to the land. Photography by Betsy Pell and Harry Hoover Driving deep into the Black Belt, you can feel yourself start to connect to the land. This is the South. And there is nothing more Southern than the reason behind this… Read More

To Hell…and Back

Combat veteran and entrepreneur Matt Bacik returns from Iraq and Afghanistan with a new understanding. by Jesse Chambers, Photo by Edward Badham   “War is hell,” said Union general William Tecumseh Sherman. A similar sentiment is expressed by Matt Bacik — former U.S. Army officer, veteran of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a Pelham… Read More

Home for the Holiday

Family and friends make this house a home Written and Photographed by Graham Yelton, Styling by Paula Coldiron Three years ago, the Schranz family of four was on the hunt for the perfect plot of land. They were dreaming of building a home but needed to find the right location and price tag. On one… Read More

Welcome to ‘Dega Nation

Every year a racetrack becomes a city within itself. Talladaga SuperSpeedway is more than just fast, it is red hot. Photography by Meg McKinney For thousands, Talladega is more than a place. It is Mecca. It is a pilgrimage, a place to come home to for people that appreciate the nature of speed. Photographer Meg… Read More

Mid Century Magic

Mid Century Magic By Lee Ann Brown, Photography by Billy Brown, Styling by Mindi Shapiro I first fell in love with Mid-Century Modern architecture when I was a kid, although I didn’t know it then. When I think back, my earliest recollections of being aware of liking a style of house was when I saw… Read More