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One-on-One: Karri Bentley of UAB & Rodney Davidson of Dogstar Design

The wonders of marketing and the importance of the single defining message or image dominated this month’s One on One conversation between veteran graphic designer Rodney Davidson and UAB marketer Karri Bentley. Rodney Davidson of Dogstar Design and Illustration has made a career out of seeking out the simple, defining image and then creating a… Read More

Keep on Truckin’

The food truck phenomenon has brought great food to the street corner, and a host of questions about how the trucks fit with city regulations and brick and mortar restaurants. Written by Richard James Photography by Chuck St. John Cheese expertly grilled and a truck. What could be more simple? So thought Paget Pizitz and… Read More

The Voice of Experience

The view from eighty-plus years of age is fascinating. Written by Cary Estes, Photographed by Liesa Cole Sam Ferlisi Throughout his nine decades in Birmingham, Sam Ferlisi often has had a hard time getting home. Even at birth. Ferlisi was born in 1922 in the back of a grocery story owned by his aunt when… Read More

Space One Eleven

Where people and art and people meet words and photos by Beau Gustafson Margot Wade, a teacher and education coordinator at Space One Eleven, says “this is what it is like here. We provide a nurturing/learning environment and the kids create art and solve problems. Everybody thinks and communicates differently and if you nurture and… Read More


Noodled Words by Brett Levine Photography by Beth Dreiling Hontzas Recipes and food styling by Lily Plauché Styling by Annie Hall Pasta is one of the ultimate comfort foods. Whether it is linguine with a simple tomato basil sauce, gnocci with mushrooms and cream sauce, or a ricotta ravioli, pastas have the flavors and textures… Read More

Out of Alabama

Out of Alabama And Into a New Life in Africa with the Baba Boys by Tom Wofford, Wedding portrait by David Bley There’s a blur of activity that surrounds almost every wedding, but Ben and Rachael Stanton’s January 7 nuptials took place amidst a particularly intense flurry. Ben didn’t arrive in Birmingham until Christmas Eve,… Read More

Where the Heart is

One local family crusades for their son, and reminds us all how important heart health is to the health of any family. Written by Rosalind Fournier, Photography by Beau Gustafson When Terri and Matt Carlson arrived at Citizens Baptist Medical Center in Talladega on September 14, 2010 for the delivery of their first child, Harrison,… Read More

Room with a view

Written and photographed by Graham Yelton Chris Jones admits that when he bought his home in 2007, the house itself had nothing to do with it. The dated, hilltop home in Crestwood was full of linoleum, brass fixtures and small rooms. It was also full of structural problems. However, the home had one redeeming quality… Read More

Share the Luck of the Irish in Jackson, Mississippi

By Tom Gordon There are some of us—and I’m including myself in this shrinking  select group—who have yet to fully internalize the instinct to Google something when we want to know something about it. There are times when that stance has its advantages. Years ago, I would read a thumbs-up review of a movie and… Read More