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The Conversation

John Zimmerman, long-time ad guru, talks about making great advertising and selling solar power that makes economic sense. By Joe O’Donnell Photo by Liesa Cole “The ad industry is sagging among the traditional companies. And the reason behind that is the overwhelming burden of overhead plus the layers and layers of internal approval and management…. Read More

She Knows She Can Dance

Tamilane Blaudeau took to the competitive dance floor as another step in a life devoted to fitness. By Rosalind Fournier Dance Photography by Beau Gustafson On the dance floor, she doesn’t look like a scientist, or a professor, or the mother of five and grandmother of seven. Least of all does she look like a… Read More

(practically) perfect

Paula Coldiron’s easy-going style creates a space that is very family friendly. Written and photographed by Graham Yelton You can tell a lot by a person’s home. How they live. What they value. Who they value. The Coldiron home is no exception. Paula Coldiron, blogger, decorator and photographer extraordinaire, has created a home that is… Read More


The pace is fast and furious at Strong LLC, with a mix of youthful energy, technology, and creativity that is a recipe for success for the ad agency’s auto dealer clients. Written by Bill Mylius Photography by Beau Gustafson With dual computer monitors and a single sheet of paper, John Paul Strong’s modern glass-topped desk… Read More

The Space Between the Breaths

Meditation makes the difference Written by  Kurtis W. Eaton, M.D., MBA Photography By Edward Badham Meditation is an ancient art, practiced and taught for millennia in secluded monasteries in exotic, far-flung corners of the earth. It has only recently reached the West and we, with our busy, self-important lives have barely taken notice. When we… Read More

Moving at the Speed of Light

Artist Jean-Jacques Gaudel paints with light Written by Brett Levine Photography by Edward Badham “When I turned 65, I got an earring, a tattoo, and a motorcycle,” artist Jean-Jacques Gaudel reveals, sitting in his north-facing studio, bathed in natural light, high above the city of Birmingham. Gaudel never would have anticipated that the decision to… Read More

One-on-One: Ann Simmons (Gus Mayer) & Matt Hooper (American Heart Association)

Rising Stars 2013: B-Metro’s Annual Look at Young Legal Leaders

Get to know the cities young attorneys who are already making their mark on the legal profession and their community in B-Metro’s annual look at the next generation of legal leaders.