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Desperate Measures

Negotiation is a high-stakes game of give and take for law enforcement professionals, with no guarantee of a happy ending. Written by Tom Gordon Photography by Beau Gustafson   To negotiate is “to confer with another so as to arrive at the settlement of some matter.” So says an entry in Merriam-Webster’s online edition. For… Read More

A River Runs Through it

The Cahaba River is Birmingham’s life blood. Meet the people who care for it, and learn why you should, too. Written by Phillip Ratliff Photography by Hunter Nichols   Setting the obvious anachronism aside, life as a Jefferson County raindrop must have been rewarding 10,000 years ago. Your existence might have begun over the Gulf… Read More

Self Portrait

A Birmingham artist turns his home & art studio into a completely unique expression of self. Written and Photographed by Graham Yelton Matt Underwood hadn’t picked up a paint brush in almost 10 years when he came face to face with a painting that would change his life. “I left the gallery and went straight… Read More

Have They Been Born into a New World?

Losing It

Written by Rosalind Fournier  Photography by Beau Gustafson   When the American Medical Association voted in June to officially classify obesity as a disease, it was a welcome development in the eyes of many research scientists and physicians. The AMA’s position has the potential to make an important difference in determining the willingness of insurance… Read More

Fashion Pays it Forward

The Linly Heflin Fashion Show has been providing scholarship money for young women in Alabama for more than 50 years. The short life of Linly Heflin has created ripples in Birmingham for almost a century. Born in 1887, Linly Heflin became a volunteer when the U.S. entered World War I in 1917 organizing a group… Read More

One on One: Glenny Brock and Nancy Tran

Our one on one conversation this month features two women who are passionate about food, the city, and the rebirth of the Lyric Theatre downtown. Photos by Beau Gustafson Glenny Brock loves asking questions. It is an occupational by-product of her career, which includes stints as editor of both Birmingham Weekly and Weld for Birmingham…. Read More