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Something is Brewing in Birmingham

It is early in the morning on a steamy August Saturday. Richard Force and Jonathan Hay are in the process of heating their strikewater. “We heat the water to a constant temperature of 160 to 165 degrees,” Force explains. “When we mix in our grains, we will have a mash, and from there, we will be able to extract the sugars that will form the basis of our beer.”

The Chair of Innovation

Dr. Will Ferniany, CEO of the UAB Health System, had an idea. “Well, actually I didn’t have an idea,” he pauses, “but I saw a need.” That need revolved around transporting patients within a hospital system with a tool that was not really meant for the job.

When the Storm Passes

“You are not defined by your circumstances or adversity. You are defined by how you respond to them.” If there is one thing that defines the belief system underpinning the world of former Crimson Tide and now NFL rookie long snapper Carson Tinker, it is that statement.

A Tale of Two Fathers

When Sept. 12, 1944, dawned in Birmingham, Elzie Emens was still adjusting to motherhood. Elzie’s first child, a daughter named Betty, had been born a few weeks before in the front bedroom of her mother’s West End home, and she needed plenty of nursing, clean cloth diapers, and midnight TLC.

Lean on Me

“I remember that it was a spring day, and everything seemed so much more beautiful and bright outside.” After the phone call that told her that her biopsy had come back—that the lump in her breast was cancer—Rachel Corscadden went outside to watch her 3-year-old son play in their backyard. “I let him spray me with the water hose just to hear him shriek with joy,” she says.

Remember Me

Dino can tell you all about those heady courtship days and detail the other things that happened over the course of their marriage. Ten years ago, Ann could have done so as well. But that was before the onset of the headaches, seizures, and other warning signs that a tumor was present and growing in her brain.

A Place for Everyone

This celebration of the library’s anniversary is really a celebration of the services the library has provided for these past three decades; it’s a celebration of those serving and the served, of the cultural awakenings and technological breakthroughs, of literature, of theatre, of film, of community.

The New Face of Healthcare Marketing

CEO Cary Bynum founded the agency back in 1986 and its specialization in healthcare has evolved over the years. With the advent of Obama Care, there is no other industry sitting on the cusp of so much change, and blr/Further is sitting on the same ledge—with everyone about the jump off into a brave new world.

Keeping the Peace

This busy Mountain Brook family of five decides to redecorate for restoration. “We love the warm and inviting coziness of it. There are a lot of nooks and crannies, arched doorways, openness without vast emptiness.”

One on One: Dave Barnhart and Chelsea Berler

The sometimes disparate worlds of public relations/marketing and religion come together in our One on One conversation this month.