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Top Lawyers 2016

A survey of local attorneys, along with a list of highly rated attorneys compiled by Avvo, reveals the
names you should know.

Why Millennials Still Need the Older Generations…and Vice-Versa

Are the derogatory terms used to describe Millennials in the workplace true? Here are five things I learned.

John Archibald Still Loves Reporting, Loves Alabama, and Hates Corruption

John Archibald, veteran political columnist for The Birmingham News and AL.com, is often extremely angry, and understandably so, at the selfish behavior of many Alabama public officials.

Savor Summer with Three Melon Recipes

Whether it is watermelon grilled to perfection, cantaloupe paired with prosciutto in a tartine, or just the taste of honeydew flavoring a gin and tonic, each provides something to savor.

Dream Home: Project Oglesby

The Bailey family returns to the street they’ve always loved in Homewood with a complete rebuild of their home.

A Day in the Life of Congresswoman Terri Sewell

As photographer Cameron Carnes discovered, Congresswoman Terri Sewell, who represents the seventh district of Alabama, is a very busy lady.

State of the Union Behind-the-Scenes with Gary Palmer

The course of the day included six meetings, two votes, two TV interviews, and, of course, the State of the Union address.

The Circus Comes to Town

The candidates pass through Birmingham.

One on One: Brian Arnold and Taylor DeBoer

For this month’s conversation, we brought together two of Birmingham’s inventive minds, Brian Arnold, owner of Phone Home Press, and Taylor DeBoer, owner of Ghost Train Brewing Company.