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Dream Home: The Tower on the Corner

An open floor plan and tree house-like view from the porch ground this Edgewood home in both the past and present.

Food Flight

The Pizitz Food Hall opens up a world of fascinating food to explore.

Rocking Steady

Boxer or Parkinson’s patient? Martin Juarez thinks they are one and the same.


Birmingham-based jewelry maker Yogi Dada, whose talents expand across a spectrum of creative mediums, lives by a motto: “Art is truly whatever you believe it is.”

Why Do I Ride? Why Does Anyone Ride?

We asked photographer and motorcycle enthusiast Marc Bondarenko why he rides. It was a complicated question.

Faith, Family, and Football

UAB Football Coach Bill Clark leads with faith and character.

The Unbreakable Vow

When Kim Burleson and Cody Massey started to plan their wedding they looked to the wizarding world of Harry Potter to create the magical event of a lifetime, muggles welcomed.

Ruby Refresher

The ruby and the sunrise are one…

Sunday Best

Times have changed, but church is still about family and tradition at Pleasant Hill Missionary Baptist—151 years after its founding by freed slaves.

Making History

The Birmingham Civil Rights District is poised to get national recognition.

The A-List: A Better World

When Karim and Henna Budhwani first saw Birmingham, they saw it as a land of opportunity.